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Hard-to-find questions and answers on every part of being a venture capitalist

Hey, does anyone keep a list of standard LP questions or know of any resources?
Hi all, anyone has good sources, advice how a solid investment thesis looks like?
Hi all! Has anyone hired for an Analyst and an Associate concurrently? Did you put up two separate job postings or combine? I’m hoping to be able to combine them and have candidates select which they’re applying for based on job requirements, but maybe this is wishful thinking. Would love to speak with folks who have done this about whether it worked well or not!
Hi all, curious how you all conduct due diligence on a startup? Is it all over email? Do you use a standard template? Do you have founders fill out a form?
Any ideas on the best way to securely share a video recording?
Anyone have shareable data sources on compensation ranges for senior roles (CXO, VP of ___ ) broken out by stage?
Hey everyone, I’m currently assisting with a Techstar’s cohort. I was wondering if anyone had any good resources for financial models and pitch decks?
Can anyone recommend VC portfolio management software/platforms to get portfolio insights/easy monitoring? I’ve seen vestberry so far and wonder what the standard is.
One of our portfolio companies is looking for a good legal firm with deep construction experience that can help them structure their terms and marketplace so they aren’t carrying a huge amount of liability on these jobs – anyone have a recommendation?
Hi all! A startup I know is looking to sell their business (consumer goods sector) and is looking 1. for recommendations for brokers and 2. any advice anyone may have. Business was doing super well pre-covid (took a bit of a hit during covid but who didn’t) but founders are now looking to do different things with their lives. Any and all recommendations are welcome!
Has anyone participated/gone to any great professional development programs/classes/conferences that have been helpful or worthwhile?
Does anyone have a good portfolio construction template or return/monte carlo template?
Does anyone have recommendations for an insurance carrier for a small-mid sized fund ($30MM)?
Helping a portco evaluate debt options with different terms/lengths/fees. What’s the correct way to determine the best option? Model out cash flows and choose the option with the highest IRR?
Does anyone know of any resources for VC salaries in the UK? E.g some indication on pay by seniority, bonuses, carry, etc.?