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Hard-to-find questions and answers on every part of being a venture capitalist

Any ideas on the best way to securely share a video recording?
Anyone have shareable data sources on compensation ranges for senior roles (CXO, VP of ___ ) broken out by stage?
Hey everyone, I’m currently assisting with a Techstar’s cohort. I was wondering if anyone had any good resources for financial models and pitch decks?
One of our portfolio companies is looking for a good legal firm with deep construction experience that can help them structure their terms and marketplace so they arenโ€™t carrying a huge amount of liability on these jobs – anyone have a recommendation?
Hi all! A startup I know is looking to sell their business (consumer goods sector) and is looking 1. for recommendations for brokers and 2. any advice anyone may have. Business was doing super well pre-covid (took a bit of a hit during covid but who didnโ€™t) but founders are now looking to do different things with their lives. Any and all recommendations are welcome!
Has anyone participated/gone to any great professional development programs/classes/conferences that have been helpful or worthwhile?
Does anyone have a good portfolio construction template or return/monte carlo template?
Does anyone have recommendations for an insurance carrier for a small-mid sized fund ($30MM)?
Does anybody have recommendations for EA services/firms?
Anyone have a good web designer/developer agency or freelancer they recommend?
Best email tracking tool to track opens for emails? Also for using in conjunction w Superhuman (whose email tracking is not good enough, I’ve found)
Has anyone/built/stolen seen a good resource on Emerging Manager programs? I know CalPERS, Texas Teachers, and NYSTRS (via Artemis) have them, but I am hoping someone has put together a list of some sort.
Hi, is anyone aware of any tech and vc events that family offices should be going to?
Does anyone have any resources they’d recommend for training their team on cap tables? Good excel tutorials (mac and windows) are also welcome!
Hi all, any idea which banks offer loans facilities (against capital committed) to funds with less than $50M AUM?
Does anyone have a recommended stakeholder interview guide for kicking off an ESG strategy project? Or, can point me to someone to chat to who has recently led an ESG effort at their org?
Whatโ€™s the best way to easily share fund carry on a per-deal basis with a network of scouts?
Hey all, Iโ€™m looking for advice on Fund II decks
Hi! Does anyone have data on Series A/B startup salary + equity? thanks!
Hey all – does anyone have a sample Associate or Venture Partner contract they can share with carry allocation? Thanks
What service providers do people recommend for running background checks?
Does anyone have a strong startup CFO (who has experience with cleaning up cap table messes) they can recommend for a one off project?
Dear lazyweb โ€” do we know if an SPV/Syndicate can invest into a fund? I canโ€™t seem to find a definitive answer online.
Does anybody have software recs to set up a referral system?