Build world-class investment teams.

We partner with venture capital and growth equity firms to hire the best investors at all levels. 

"Your returns are only as good as the people that create them."

Who we are

Confluence.VC Search Partners is a  search firm that helps investment funds get matched with talent from the #1 venture community in the world.


CSP has partnered with Confluence.VC to combine:


  1. The most popular private VC community
  2. One of the largest VC media companies
  3. The most sought-after private investment talent pool on the planet
  4. High-touch recruitment of Confluence.VC Search Partners


We think it’s a winning combo.

What we do

We match junior investment talent (analysts, associates, principals, investors, chiefs of staff, etc.) to open roles at venture capital, growth equity, and private equity funds. 


Most recruiters aim to fill roles in six months; we aim for half of that, and we will be able to offer up intros within a week of working with us.

Why we do it

Investor talent makes or breaks your fund. We’ve seen it first hand.


An A+ team runs laps around a B team. They play a totally different game than C and below teams. 


Building those teams, ironically, is an afterthought for most investment funds, and the standard practice is to “rely on internal networks to bring good candidates”. 


That may work for Sequoia, but that doesn’t work for 99% of funds.


That’s where we come in.


Confluence.VC has the largest junior investor talent base in the world with first-party data on previous work experience and the sectors, stages, and areas of focus. Each candidate in the talent base can add value on day one with limited time and resources needed for formal training. 


If you are serious about building an A+ investment team, we’d love to get started. 

Our talent base

  • 2,000+ vetted profiles: Verified through application process
  • 90% based in US: Predominantly based in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Austin, and Chicago
  • 78% junior investors: Labeled as ‘Analyst’,  ‘Associate’, ‘Principal’, ‘Investor. or ‘Chief of Staff’
  • 22% partner-level investors: Labeled as ‘Partner’, ‘General Partner’, or ‘Founding Partner

Types of funds we work with

  • Private Equity
  • Venture Capital
  • Growth Equity
  • Family Office
  • Other

What clients say


"It would be stupid for us to say no to this."

Head of Talent Santa Monica-based seed fund

“We had been burned by recruiters in the past, but we had a totally different experience working with Confluence.VC. The only complaint I have is that it became more difficult for us to choose the right investor from the candidates they introduced us to.”

General Partner LA-based seed fund

“In the past, recruiters sent us bankers whenever we had an opening. We would much rather see candidates coming in with VC experience, and that’s exactly what this service is for. We will use this again whenever we raise our next fund and need to grow the team.”

Partner NY-based fund

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Let’s work together

For funds building world-class investment teams

Better teams create better outcomes.


We have seen that play out time and time again, and we work with funds that feel the same way. 


If you’re hiring and feel the same way, we’d love to talk.


Clay Norris

Managing Partner

ConfluenceVC, LLC

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