Building an investment thesis

Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Join the community to ask and answer questions Clay Norris: This section of the resource library has a few good examples: Read More

Worthwhile professional development programs

Miki Reynolds: I really enjoyed Coa’s Emotionally Fit Leadership for Female Leaders program. Scott Armanini: Scott Armanini:

Portfolio construction templates

Clay Norris: I’ve been interested in this too but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve found the links below to be pretty helpful:

Pricing an early-stage enterprise product

Sibi Murugesan: We’d definitely say the latter (move faster, iterate with feedback from users). Pricing is a function of value so spending all of the time to get it “right” usually results in a waste of time when you could be shipping product (at least in our experiences) Parasvil Patel: Depends on the sales motion. […]

Structuring deals to share carry

Jonathan Abrams: + Clay Norris: I’d say the same – splitting through AngelList has been very easy

Helping new analysts get started

David Teten: Rohit Bhatia: Obvious advice but reading Venture Deals and taking Brad Feld’s free class that accompanies it was helpful. Clay Norris: Join Confluence.VC

Purpose of creating an access fund

David Teten: I think you’re talking about overlays? see Sam Stein: David, that’s a great article. Learned something new – thanks for sharing. But I don’t think it’s an overlay fund because it is not a fund investing in the portfolio companies at later stages of fund III, rather it says fund III access […]

Investing into SPVs as a fund

Taylor Schaude: Yes, but I believe you need to make an amendment to the LPA that specifically calls this out. Did this years ago so a little fuzzy on the details Jared Schwitzke: Thanks Taylor! I heard a response in another forum that the SPV investors count against the fund’s LP base as well. All […]

Startup graduation rates

Liam Quinn:[…]0it%20seems%20clear Kenn So:

Handling SAFE notes during a bridge round

Clay Norris: Those should convert if the bridge is an equity round since that is a qualified financing event. It won’t convert if the bridge is another convertible round (seems like there’s some discretion on whether or not to mark those investments up, but we haven’t at previous funds I’ve worked at unless it’s a […]