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Hard-to-find questions and answers on every part of being a venture capitalist

Has anyone participated/gone to any great professional development programs/classes/conferences that have been helpful or worthwhile?
Does anyone have a good portfolio construction template or return/monte carlo template?
Early stage pricing question (asking for a port co): It’s a B2B Enterprise (cloud) company, planning to launch beta in a month or so. They are currently still iterating on pricing but are trying to figure out the importance of nailing down pricing now vs. “cross that bridge when they come to it”. Some of their considerations are whether to negotiate beta pricing with each paid beta user, or decide on a fixed (symbolic) price for all. Furthermore, the question of how important it is to nail down “standard” (post-beta) pricing with deep market landscape research and analysis, vs. just moving quickly, experimenting and growing, then worrying about price later.
Whatโ€™s the best way to easily share fund carry on a per-deal basis with a network of scouts?
Hi. I have a new analyst starting. I want to find some materials to help her understand VC basics (investment process, term sheets, valuation, etc.). Does anyone have any good resources they can share (other than what’s on the confluence notion page)?
Seems like a fundamental concept, so hopefully a quick explanation – What is an ‘access’ fund and what is the point of creating one? Context: “ABC Ventures Direct III Access will invest in ABC Ventures Direct III”. Sounds like a FoF structure where the Access fund is an LP of the latter fund III. Thanks
Dear lazyweb โ€” do we know if an SPV/Syndicate can invest into a fund? I canโ€™t seem to find a definitive answer online.
Hey everyone, quick question on deal structure. What usually happens with SAFE notes issued in a Seed Round when a company needs a bridge round between that Seed Round and a Series A equity round?
Does anyone know how to get public shares distributed to LPs? We have a portco that went public and is doing well, but our broker will only allow us to sell the shares and distribute cash, not distribute the shares themselves. Any other brokerage companies I could reach out to, or is there a completely different process for something like this? I’m new to public companies so any insights would be great!