Pricing an early-stage enterprise product

Sibi Murugesan: We’d definitely say the latter (move faster, iterate with feedback from users). Pricing is a function of value so spending all of the time to get it “right” usually results in a waste of time when you could be shipping product (at least in our experiences) Parasvil Patel: Depends on the sales motion. […]

Investing into SPVs as a fund

Taylor Schaude: Yes, but I believe you need to make an amendment to the LPA that specifically calls this out. Did this years ago so a little fuzzy on the details Jared Schwitzke: Thanks Taylor! I heard a response in another forum that the SPV investors count against the fund’s LP base as well. All […]

Handling SAFE notes during a bridge round

Clay Norris: Those should convert if the bridge is an equity round since that is a qualified financing event. It won’t convert if the bridge is another convertible round (seems like there’s some discretion on whether or not to mark those investments up, but we haven’t at previous funds I’ve worked at unless it’s a […]

Distributing public shares back to LPs

Halle Kaplan-Allen: try btig Omar Sebai: We had the bank handling the IPO transfer pro-rated shares to each LP directly. That way after the lock-up period they chose whether to sell or hold Martin Tobias: When I took my two companies public the bank underwriter did it for the vc