Shareable resources for compensation

Clay Norris: Might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but this is pretty good data: Clay Norris: Also, if you’re looking for VC salary data, check out the survey we ran last November:

VC salary data in the UK

Clay Norris: Maybe not perfect, but I’d check out the comp survey we ran last year

VC employee performance evaluation

Julianne Roseman: some thoughts: numbers / priorities change based on seniority Sourcing (number of calls / meetings with startups) investments memos completed investments completed portfolio check-in calls Thought Leadership (articles, speaking at events, etc.) building VC relationships

Adding family offices to your LP pipeline

David Teten: Clay Norris: Unfortunately, these people move pretty slow, and it will take multiple months of meetings before any next steps are made. In terms of getting in the door, I’d suggest asking your existing LPs to broker intros for you.

KPIs to evaluate junior VCs

Jack Abramowitz: I have this idea that tracking conversion in your funnel (from due dili to IC to TS negotiation to check written) is important because as you become a better investor you will be able to filter out companies at the top of the funnel and waste less time at the bottom of the […]

Helping new analysts get started

David Teten: Rohit Bhatia: Obvious advice but reading Venture Deals and taking Brad Feld’s free class that accompanies it was helpful. Clay Norris: Join Confluence.VC

Sending investor updates to LPs in different funds

Olivia Goldstein: We separate out our updates to LPs by Fund. Gyan Kapur: We also separate out but then have a general update with thoughts on the market (which we may get rid of—haven’t 100% decided.) David Teten: easiest to send out a general update (which allows you to brag about the good stuff firm-wide, […]

Purpose of creating an access fund

David Teten: I think you’re talking about overlays? see Sam Stein: David, that’s a great article. Learned something new – thanks for sharing. But I don’t think it’s an overlay fund because it is not a fund investing in the portfolio companies at later stages of fund III, rather it says fund III access […]

Shareable agreements for advisor equity

Jonathan Abrams: this or this Kevin Monserrat: depending on what you are investing in, I could talk to you how we are doing this with other VCs. In short, we are tokenizing funds so that it’s more accurate, less risky, and more liquid. We empower Scouts too. You’ll find more information here Fredel Romano: this […]