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Anyone have shareable data sources on compensation ranges for senior roles (CXO, VP of ___ ) broken out by stage?
Does anyone know of any resources for VC salaries in the UK? E.g some indication on pay by seniority, bonuses, carry, etc.?
Hey everyone! Does anyone have any VC-related employee performance evaluation-related resources (specifically for analysts, associates, & principals) that they can share? For some context, I’m on the hunt for a performance evaluation framework that can help me think through and set appropriate performance metrics, KPIs, etc. Any thoughts or resources would be much appreciated!
Anyone got advice on how to best add family offices and fund-of-funds to your prospective LP pipeline?
Is anybody willing to share the KPIs they set for themselves as an investor? I think that most of us track the number of emails sent, company meetings, and checks written , but I’m curious to hear what other metrics this group is monitoring.
Hi. I have a new analyst starting. I want to find some materials to help her understand VC basics (investment process, term sheets, valuation, etc.). Does anyone have any good resources they can share (other than what’s on the confluence notion page)?
Hey there group! This is my first post and I have a newbie question I’m hoping someone can answer for me — Based on your experience, would you recommend that VC firms with several funds send out different LP updates to investors in the different funds (e.g., Fund I Investors, Fund II Investors, etc) or send a general firm update letter to all investors in the firm?
Seems like a fundamental concept, so hopefully a quick explanation – What is an ‘access’ fund and what is the point of creating one? Context: “ABC Ventures Direct III Access will invest in ABC Ventures Direct III”. Sounds like a FoF structure where the Access fund is an LP of the latter fund III. Thanks
Hello! If your VC firm provides equity to advisors, do you mind sharing the template for that agreement and/or the amount of equity?
Hi everyone! I’m looking for resources on how to stand up and manage a top notch investor relations program. Recommendations on what LPs are looking for, activities, reports, communications cadences, funds you think are doing this really well, or connections you’d recommend speaking with would all be tremendously appreciated. Thank you!
Hey everyone, looking for a resource to build a model for drop-off in VC deal funnels. Basically, the drop off that a small team would see from introduction to evaluation to funding. We have a minimum number of investments we hope to make, but market forces might allow us to flex beyond that number. Any insight would be much obliged! (edited)