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One of our portfolio companies is looking for a good legal firm with deep construction experience that can help them structure their terms and marketplace so they arenโ€™t carrying a huge amount of liability on these jobs – anyone have a recommendation?
Hi all! A startup I know is looking to sell their business (consumer goods sector) and is looking 1. for recommendations for brokers and 2. any advice anyone may have. Business was doing super well pre-covid (took a bit of a hit during covid but who didnโ€™t) but founders are now looking to do different things with their lives. Any and all recommendations are welcome!
Helping a portco evaluate debt options with different terms/lengths/fees. What’s the correct way to determine the best option? Model out cash flows and choose the option with the highest IRR?
Does anybody have experience helping their startups with SOC 2 compliance? Iโ€™m trying to better understand a) how much of a problem this is for startups and b) whether investors are helping recommend service providers here.
Hi everyone, Iโ€™m looking for a lawyer to help us lead a Series A investment. Any recommendations? (Would love someone female/diverse) Thank you!
Has anyone found a platform for streamlining the portfolio company on boarding process? Weโ€™ve start to use process street and my feelings are mixed
Anyone have a good web designer/developer agency or freelancer they recommend?
Hi everyone, have any of you partnered with CVCs or corporates in general to support your portfolio companies? Curious to hear if you have any learnings on what works and what doesn’t.
Early stage pricing question (asking for a port co): It’s a B2B Enterprise (cloud) company, planning to launch beta in a month or so. They are currently still iterating on pricing but are trying to figure out the importance of nailing down pricing now vs. “cross that bridge when they come to it”. Some of their considerations are whether to negotiate beta pricing with each paid beta user, or decide on a fixed (symbolic) price for all. Furthermore, the question of how important it is to nail down “standard” (post-beta) pricing with deep market landscape research and analysis, vs. just moving quickly, experimenting and growing, then worrying about price later.
Does any recommend any products that consolidate all portfolio company job boards?
Hi all — We’re looking for some help structuring employee agreements for one of our portcos. Does anyone know of a structure for dealing with a company’s right to buy back vested employee shares after the employee leaves that is somewhere between (a) the company having sole discretion to repurchase at cost/current value and (b) the company having no right to repurchase the employee’s shares?
hi – looking for advice on Angel Groups / Pitch events to refer founders who are fundraising to โ€ฆ I like Seed Round Capital, anyone else have other suggestions?
Hi! Does anyone have data on Series A/B startup salary + equity? thanks!
Does anybody have software recs to set up a referral system?