Finding a legal firm with deep construction experience

Alice: There may be a bunch of other things to consider when it comes to finding a lawyer for construction — what market vertical, size of projects, types of contractors, what products are in the marketplace, what scopes of work does it impact, etc. One lawyer that comes to mind that may make sense is […]

Finding a buyer in the M&A process

Clay Norris: MicroAcquire might be a fit ( David Teten: Brian Yoon: if they aren’t on amazon perhaps rolling on to Thrasio might be a play as well Clay Norris: Tiny Capital might also be worth checking out

Helping portfolio companies evaluate debt options

Brian Yoon: Hey Ben, Brian here previously used to work in debt restructuring now at Hum. You need to first create a robust business plan and understand ur liquidity. Starting there, you can see if a term loan or something like a revolving line of credit would work based on your unlevered free cash flows. […]

Helping companies finding SOC 2 compliance help

Mike Leffer: Vanta and Secureframe are two venturebacked cos that help with this Clay Norris: How often are you asked to help with SOC 2 issues? Or do your startups usually have this figured out before you start working with them Mike Leffer: 50/50 we get asked

Portfolio onboarding advice

Erica Amatori: We do it pretty manually – presentation / formal meeting – think that is still the best way in order to really capture needs from the beginning. Plus, if you have a good internal platform where all resources are kept, that makes it easier Halle Kaplan-Allen: made some recommendations here! Erica Amatori: @Will […]

Web designers / developer recommendations

Cassandra Carothers: team is awesome David Teten: I list some vendors at Roni Hirand: Mike Viney from Deckworks is v good!

Partnering with CVCs to support portfolio companies

Ginger Rothrock: Andrea – happy to comment (as a CVC and former founder that dealt w CVCs). Its HIGHLY CVC-specific. Some CVCs (like ours) are set up to be more like a pure VC in terms of structure and function, others are strategic only and need alignment with a business unit. I’d suggest this Techcrunch […]

Pricing an early-stage enterprise product

Sibi Murugesan: We’d definitely say the latter (move faster, iterate with feedback from users). Pricing is a function of value so spending all of the time to get it “right” usually results in a waste of time when you could be shipping product (at least in our experiences) Parasvil Patel: Depends on the sales motion. […]

Software for consolidating portfolio jobs

Robel Chiappini: Have been pleased with They aggregate job openings across your portfolio into one customized job board. Clay Norris: We use Pallet, but they require companies to manually enter job details. If you’re looking for something to scrape job listings, Getro is probably the best answer.