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Hard-to-find questions and answers on every part of being a venture capitalist

Any ideas on the best way to securely share a video recording?
Can anyone recommend VC portfolio management software/platforms to get portfolio insights/easy monitoring? I’ve seen vestberry so far and wonder what the standard is.
Does anyone have recommendations for an insurance carrier for a small-mid sized fund ($30MM)?
Does anybody have recommendations for EA services/firms?
Hi all! Anyone use Tracxn for outbound deal sourcing? I’ve got an intern looking at it and would love advice from someone who’s already doing it.
Has anyone/built/stolen seen a good resource on Emerging Manager programs? I know CalPERS, Texas Teachers, and NYSTRS (via Artemis) have them, but I am hoping someone has put together a list of some sort.
Whatโ€™s the best way to easily share fund carry on a per-deal basis with a network of scouts?
How are people dealtracking? If you are using Affinity or a similar CRM, what would your tolerance for switching be, and if you did, what features would matter the most / would you like to see?
Hey all – does anyone have a sample Associate or Venture Partner contract they can share with carry allocation? Thanks
What service providers do people recommend for running background checks?
Hello! If your VC firm provides equity to advisors, do you mind sharing the template for that agreement and/or the amount of equity?
Hi everyone! Iโ€™m looking for resources on how to stand up and manage a top notch investor relations program. Recommendations on what LPs are looking for, activities, reports, communications cadences, funds you think are doing this really well, or connections youโ€™d recommend speaking with would all be tremendously appreciated. Thank you!
Hey everyone, looking for a resource to build a model for drop-off in VC deal funnels. Basically, the drop off that a small team would see from introduction to evaluation to funding. We have a minimum number of investments we hope to make, but market forces might allow us to flex beyond that number. Any insight would be much obliged! (edited)
Looking for someone that is really awesome at Salesforce administration & optimization and has ideally helped VC firms improve their CRMs. Can anyone provide a referral?