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Hi all, curious how you all conduct due diligence on a startup? Is it all over email? Do you use a standard template? Do you have founders fill out a form?
Hi all! Anyone use Tracxn for outbound deal sourcing? I’ve got an intern looking at it and would love advice from someone who’s already doing it.
How are people dealtracking? If you are using Affinity or a similar CRM, what would your tolerance for switching be, and if you did, what features would matter the most / would you like to see?
I am evaluating a startup that raised a pre-series B in form of convertible note and then are planning to raise B1 and immediately after B2 rounds. Wondering what are your thoughts breaking up series B round in so many pieces, wanting to raise one after the other with increasing valuation.
What is everybodyโ€™s favorite Slack or Discord community for deal flow?
Can anyone recommend websites for expert calls? E.g. “I want to quiz an expert on the use of x or y” where you can pay for 30mins of someone’s time?