Conducting due diligence on a startup

Hi all, curious how you all conduct due diligence on a startup? Is it all over email? Do you use a standard template? Do you have founders fill out a form?
  • Kevin Monserrt: We have a standardized process, founders filling out forms and we are digitizing the whole process.
  • David Teten: Have you found a good tool to record dialog with the company? E.g., I ask a question, they answer, I have a follow-up, etc. Ideally with time & date stamp on each
  • Kevin Monserrt: We’ve not done that bit yet. Most of our focus has been on post investment acceleration support. Essentially, we believe that portolio support can make a big difference so we built a network of 200 operating partners WW covering everything pre-series A startups need. Happy to walk you through a demo.
  • Kevin Monserrt: Have you looked at this[โ€ฆ]x5iSgpeZZ8RBVOHMmZ4DtypdEMxuCVia6qKVExNrhnh0k-prp6kaAkaoEALw_wcB?
  • David Teten: most of my DD is via writing, not phone calls. although i agree that could help for phone calls.

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