22 Best Tools to Generate Leads and Grow Your Revenue

This posts describes 22 of the best tools to generate leads and grow revenue.


Lead generation software are computer programs or tools designed to help businesses and organizations generate leads more efficiently and effectively. These various lead generation software tools and tools are specifically crafted to automate and optimize various aspects of the lead generation process, making it easier for marketing and sales teams to attract potential customers and convert them into leads.


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22 Best Tools to Generate Leads and Grow Your Revenue

What is lead generation?

Lead generation refers to attracting and identifying potential customers or individuals who have shown interest in a product, service, or organization. The main goal of lead generation is to convert these potential prospects, known as leads, into actual customers. This process is an essential part of marketing and sales strategies for businesses and organizations across various industries.


Once new leads, are generated, they are typically collected into a database or customer relationship management (CRM) system. The sales and marketing teams can then use this information to nurture and engage the leads further, with the ultimate goal of converting them into customers through personalized communication and follow-up strategies.


Lead generation is a crucial step in the sales funnel, and its effectiveness can significantly impact a company’s revenue and growth. By attracting and converting quality leads, businesses can build a solid customer base and foster long-term relationships with their target audience.


What is lead generation software?

Lead generation software are computer programs or tools designed to help businesses and organizations generate leads more efficiently and effectively. These various lead generation software tools and tools are specifically crafted to automate and optimize various aspects of the lead generation process, making it easier for marketing and sales teams to attract potential customers and convert them into leads.


Lead generation software can be simple or very complex, ranging from best lead capture forms to comprehensive marketing automation suites. Businesses should choose the best lead generation software, that meets their specific needs, budget, and overall marketing and sales strategies. Using these tools can increase their efficiency in generating and managing leads, leading to better conversion rates and overall business growth.


Our best lead generation tools

To make it easier to find a perfect lead generation tool that meets your needs, we’ve rounded up the best of the best lead generation tools in various categories:


Best email address lookup tool:
Best form collection tool: Typeform
Best calendar and scheduling tool: Calendly
Best email follow up tool: Boomerang
Best email marketing tool: beehiiv + ActiveCampaign
Best landing page creation tool: ClickFunnels
Best complete marketing and CRM tool: Hubspot
Best sales process automation tool: Zapier


Email address lookup tools

Email address lookup tools are lead generation tools you can use to find and get contact details and verify email addresses associated with specific individuals or organizations. Email address lookup tools help businesses enhance their outreach and marketing efforts by ensuring accurate and up-to-date contact information for potential leads, customers, or business partners. If you can verify email address, you can reduce your bounce rates, improve deliverability, and establish more meaningful connections with your target audience. is a Google Chrome extension that functions as email automation software. It offers features such as email verification, error-checking, and cleaning to ensure a polished email list that can be forwarded to prospects. With Snovio and other email outreach software, businesses can effortlessly reach potential consumers and establish meaningful connections, while also tracking email engagement through tools like the free Email Tracker extension for Gmail, which displays opened emails and link clicks. There is a free trial plan if you’d like to try before you buy.


  • Starter plan ($30 p/m): The starter plan has everything you need to start generating leads, including 1,000 credits, 5,000 email recipients, unlimited sender accounts and one mailbox warm-up. Credits can be spent on prospect searches, email searches and verification.


  • Pro plan ($75 p/m): The Pro plan comes with 5000 credits, 10,000 email recipients, unlimited sender accounts and three mailbox warm-ups.


  • Managed plan ($2,999 p/m): Snovio will manage the entire lead generation process for you on this plan and handle your outreach campaigns on your behalf. They’ll generate the campaign, reach out to 1,000+ SOM companies, and send messages via LinkedIn and email. You’ll be able to speak to their experts during regular meetings as well.


Hunter is one of the most accurate email verification tools for lead generation on the market, with a large corporate database. They also have a nifty email pattern predictor, a helpful Google Chrome extension and a free plan to get you started. It’s a great lead generation tool for link building and mass outreach.


  • Free: The free plan comes with 25 monthly searches, 50 monthly verifications, and basic campaign tools. It’s a great plan for trying out the tool before committing to a paid plan, but you may need to scale up in time.


  • Starter plan ($49 p/m): The starter plan comes with 500 free searches (plus the option to buy an additional hundred credits for $10,00) and 1,000 monthly verifications (with the option to buy additional credits for $5,00). You’ll also get three connected email accounts, link tracking capabilities and more.


  • Growth plan ($149 p/m): The growth plan is the best way to boost your lead generation campaign and grow your revenue. It comes with 5,000 monthly searches, 10,000 monthly verifications, additional campaign capabilities and more. You can also buy additional credits if your needs change.


  • Business plan ($499 p/m): This plan is perfect for larger companies that need to scale up rapidly. It comes with 50,000 monthly searches and 100,00 monthly verifications, plus the option to purchase additional credits. is an AI-driven sales engagement platform designed to assist SDR teams in finding new prospects, engaging them across multiple channels, and creating opportunities at scale while maintaining personalized interactions. It offers a free database of over 140 million contacts to build targeted prospect lists and allows users to streamline the sales process, saving up to 40% of an SDR team’s time. Powered by cutting-edge AI technologies, Reply automates tasks such as generating unique email templates, optimizing existing templates, crafting outreach sequences, categorizing emails based on intent, and even responding to incoming emails on behalf of users. The platform also provides robust reporting and analytics dashboards to track team performance and integrates seamlessly with CRMs through native integrations, rich API, or Zapier.


  • Free: The free plan comes with 200 data credits every month, a Chrome extension, and an AI sequence generator.


  • Starter ($60 p/m): The Starter plan is a lightweight email automation and lead generation tool that’s perfect for individual users. It comes with 1 mailbox, 1,000 data credits per month, and Jason AI. Users can also generate basic reports, track email opens and replies, and more.


  • Professional ($90 p/m): The Professional plan is best for multichannel engagement. It comes with two mailboxes, 1,000 data credits per month, Jason AI and email warm-up. Users can create multichannel sequences, create advanced reports, assign roles and permissions, and much more.


  • Custom plan (pricing on request): This plan comes with four mailboxes, unlimited contacts, unlimited email search, and more.



Aeroleads is one of the best b2b lead generation tools on the market. You can use Aeroleads to search a vast database of more than 500 million b2b leads, 120 million personal emails and more than 20 million phone numbers. It comes with free tools, including a LinkedIn Chrome plugin, free email finder and verifier.


  • Free: The free plan comes with 50 monthly credits, 100 email verifications, the ability to find the emails, full names, company names, URL and titles of your prospective customers, email campaign generation, and the ability to import data from a CSV. It’s suitable for single users.


  • Take Off ($49 p/m): This plan comes with all of the capabilities of the free plan, along with 2,000 monthly credits and 2,000 monthly email verifications. It’s designed for single users.


  • Climb ($149 p/m): The Climb plan has all of the features of the Take Off plan as wellas the ability to transfer information to Salesforce, Zoho CRM, MailChimp, Zapier and more. It comes with 8,000 monthly credits and 8,000 monthly email verifications. It’s designed for up to five users.


  • Cruise ($499 p/m): The Cruise plan comes with 30,000 monthly credits and email verifications. It has all of the features of the Climb plan – and can be applied to an unlimited number of users.


Form collection tools

Form collection tools are software applications or platforms designed to help businesses and individuals gather information from users (like website visitors) through online forms. These tools streamline the process of creating, deploying, and managing various types of forms, such as contact forms, surveys, registration forms, feedback forms, and more. Once you’ve collected the email addresses, you can start your outreach campaign.



Typeform is a SaaS company that speciliazes in dynamic online form building and surveys. It’s one of the best lead generation tools on the market and has been used by Apple Inc, Uber and other top companies. You can use typeform to create aesthetically pleasing, interactive forms that boost your lead generation and data collection efforts.


  • Basic ($25 p/m): The Basic plan comes with 100 responses per month, unlimited typeforms and questions, and a single user login. There is a free trial option as well.


  • Plus ($50 p/m): The Plus plan comes with 1,000 responses and a custom subdomain. It comes with all of the features of the Basic plan, with the ability to remove the Typeform branding. It’s suitable for three users.


  • Business ($83 p/m): The business plan comes with 10,000 responses per month included for up to five users. It has everything in the Plus plan, along with with drop-off rates, conversion tracking and priority support.


  • Enterprise (on request): The enterprise plan offers tailored response limits along with seats for the entire team, VIP support from a dedicated outcomes manager, custom domains and branding, SSO authentication, and full HIPAA and GDPR compliance.



Airtable looks – and works – in a similar way as an Excel spreadsheet. You can use airtable as a collaborative lead generation and sales tool, or to track important workflows. Airtable can become your database for CRM, task management, inventory tracking and project management.


  • Free: This plan is designed for entrepreneurs and small firms. It comes with unlimited bases, up to five editors/creators, an interface design tool, 1,200 records and 2GB of attachments per base.


  • Plus ($10 p/seat p/m): The features include three extensions per base, three sync integrations, up to 5,000 records and 5GB of attachments per base and the ability to create custom branded forms.


  • Pro ($20 p/seat p/m): The Pro plan includes everything in the Plus plan, along with 10 extensions per base, seven sync integrations (including Pro Cloud, 50,000 records and 20GB of attachments per base, Gantt and Timeline views, and granular interface permissions.


  • Enterprise (upon request): The Enterprise plan comes with everything in the Pro plan, along with unlimited workspaces and extensions, Salesforce and Jira on-premise sync integrations, up to 250,000 records per base and up to 1,000GB of attachments per base.



SurveyMonkey is a cloud-based survey tool used for creating, distributing and analyzing surveys. You can email SurveyMonkey survey links to respondents, post them on your website or even share them via social media to improve your lead generation efforts.


  • Free plan: The free plan allows users to create and send surveys, with limitations. It’s a good option if you want to explore the tool before committing to a paid plan, but it’s very restrictive and might not be a sufficient lead generation tool for you.


  • Team Advantage ($25 p/user p/m): This plan starts at three users. It offers better customization, question types and question creation options than the free plan. It’s recommended for small teams.


  • Team Premier ($75 p/user p/m): This plan also starts with three users, but opens up additional advanced features, including sentiment analysis and advanced survey logic tools. This plan offers skip logic, piping, randomization and other tools you might need as a larger business, along with phone and email support.


  • Enterprise (upon request): The plan offers enterprise-level tools, including HIPAA-compliant features, designed to accommodate specific needs and larger organizations.


Google Forms

Google Forms is part of the free Google Docs Editors suite. You can use Google Forms to create online forms, surveys with different question types and then analyze your results in real-time from any device. It can be a powerful lead generation tool if you and your team use it well.


  • Free: The personal use plan is free. Google Workspace comes with 15GB cloud storage, gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meeting capabilities.


  • Business Standard ($12 per user p/m): This plan comes with 2TB of storage per user per month, shared drives for teams, a custom business email address and video and voice conferencing capabilities for up to 150 participants.


Calendar and scheduling tools

Calendar and scheduling tools are software applications or platforms designed to help individuals and businesses manage their appointments, events, and meetings efficiently. They allow businesses to offer real-time availability, eliminating the need for back-and-forth email exchanges to find a suitable meeting time. Potential customers are more likely to book a meeting when the process is convenient and hassle-free, so it’s important to make scheduling tools a part of your lead generation efforts.



Calendly is a scheduling automation platforms that you can use to eliminate the usual back-and-forthing sales teams have to contend with when they are trying to set up an appointment. You can sign up with Google or Microsoft to effortlessly sync your calendars.


  • Basic (Free): With the Basic plan, you can connect a single calendar, create one active event type, and schedule as many meetings as you like. You can send automated event notifications, add Calendly to your website, connect to Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Slack and other apps.


  • Essentials ($8 per seat p/m): With this plan, you can link up to six calendars, create unlimited event types and group events and send email reminders and follow-ups. You can also access live chat support.


  • Professional ($12 per seat p/m): With the Professional Plan, you can route Calendly with routing forms, create collective event types, build automated workflows with custom notifications and reminders, view analytics and insights, and connect to useful business apps like Gmail, Outlook, Hubspot, PayPal and more.


  • Teams ($16 per seat p/m): You can use this plan to create round robin event types, route with Marketo or Hubspot forms, connect to Salesforce, or lock and sync managed events across your entire team.



Doodle is a professional scheduling tool. Doodle has an attractive interface that allows you to set your availability and share it in a link across different time zones. The pro version offers custom branding, availability preferences, and the ability to create custom booking pages.


  • Free: The Free plan is designed for individuals. It comes with unlimited group polls and one booking page per account.


  • Pro ($6.95 p/user p/m): The Pro plans has all of the features of the Free plan, with no ads, unlimited booking pages and unlimited 1:1s.


  • Team ($8.95 p/user p/m): The Team plan is perfect for sales teams that want to collaborate more closely. It comes with an admin console, the ability to add roles and permissions and the ability to book appointments on behalf of others.


  • Enterprise (on request): The Enterprise plan comes with priority support, SSO authentication, onboarding and training, and 99.5% availability as part of an SLA.


Email follow-up tools

Email follow-up tools are software applications or platforms that automate and streamline the process of sending follow-up emails to individuals or leads. Email follow-up tools can help your sales teams ensure consistent and timely communication with recipients, leading to improved engagement, increased conversion rates, and stronger relationships with your potential customers.


Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang helps you stay responsive during the lead generation process. It’s main features include response tracking (so that you can follow-up with prospects), reminders that encourage users to take action, and a Send Later button that allows you to schedule messages to send at a set time.

  • Basic (Free): The Basic Plan comes with ten message credits for Gmail/G Suite, the Send Later feature, Boomerang reminders, response tracking, read receipts, click tracking and more.


  • Personal ($4.98 p/m): The Personal Plan comes with unlimited message credits and all of the features of the Basic Plan.


  • Pro ($14.98 p/m): The Pro Plan offers everything the Personal Plan does, with additional support, insights and meeting scheduling capabilities.


  • Premium ($49.98 p/m): The Premium Plan offers all of the features of the Pro Plan, along with Salesforce integration, premium support, default tracking, recurring messages and more.


Yet Another Mail Merge

Yet Another Mail Merge or YAMM is an add-on for Google Sheets/Gmail that allows users to mail merge custom emails to different recipients. It’s a good tool for sending mass emails and can increase your odds of reaching the right recipient. You can also track the results of your email campaign in Google Sheets.


  • Free: The plan includes all of the basic features, like Open, click and response tracking, unsubscribe and bounce rate tracking, up to 50 recipients a day, and best effort support for one user.


  • Personal ($25 per year): The plan comes with all of the features of the free plan, along with scheduling capabilities and priority support. You can also email up to 400 recipients a day.


  • Professional ($50 per year): With this plan, you can reach up to 1,500 recipients a day. You’ll also enjoy all of the features of the Personal Plan, including priority support.


Email marketing tools

Email marketing tools are software applications or platforms designed to facilitate the creation, management, and execution of email marketing campaigns. These tools offer a range of features that help businesses send targeted and personalized emails to their audience, track email performance, and automate various aspects of the email marketing process.



beehiiv is a good tool for businesses that want to send custom newsletters, whether or not they have a website of their own. You can use beehiiv to build and scale email communication with ease, even if you aren’t familiar with email marketing software solutions.


  • Launch (free): The Launch Plan comes with SEO-optimized web hosting, custom newsletters, magic links, newsletter recommendations, limited audience segmentation and more.


  • Grow ($49 p/m): The Grow Plan comes with a Custom HTML, survey features, API access, unlimited segmentation, the ability to add multiple team members and the ability to offer premium subscriptions.


  • Scale ($99 p/m): The Scale Plan comes with access to the beehiiv AI, boosts, 3D analytics, dedicated email blasts, A/B test customization, webpages and navigation, access to an advanced web builder, and more.



ActiveCampaign is a sales and marketing automation best lead generation tool, and CRM platform that teams can use to capture leads, qualify them, and engage with them. It combines transactional emails, email marketing tools, sales automation tools and the features of leading CRM platforms in a single powerful lead generation tool.


  • Plus ($49 p/m): The Plus plan comes with email marketing automation tools, inline, pop-up and modal forms, landing pages, Facebook Custom Audiences and Lead Ads, Site and Event Tracking, APIs and Webhooks, WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce Integrations and email content generation.


  • Professional ($149 p/m): The Professional Plan comes with everything in the Plus plan, along with AI-driven predictive sending, split automations, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics integration, site messages, conversions, accounts and more.


  • Enterprise (on request): The Enterprise Plan offers everything you’d find in the Professional Plan, along with custom reporting, custom objects, SSO, HIPAA support and unlmited email testing.



Mailchimp is a comprehensive marketing platform that makes it easy to engage with leads and customers. It comes with contact management tools, campaign capabilities and simple and intuitive data analysis. You can use Mailchimp to create, execute and track your sales and outreach campaigns.


  • Free plan: The free plan allows you to create email campaigns for up to 2,000 contacts, 10,000 sends per month. It comes with basic features.


  • Essentials plan ($13 p/m) : This plan is ideal for creating email campaigns for up to 500 contacts, with unlimited sends and advanced features.


  • Standard plan ($20 p/m): You can create email campaigns for up to 10,000 contacts. It comes with unlimited sends and advanced features, including send time optimization and predictive segmentation.


  • Premium plan ($350 p/m): With the premium plan, you can reach up to 200,000 contacts, enjoy unlimited sends, and access all features, including multivariate testing, advanced analytics and more.


Landing page creation tools

Landing page creation tools are software applications or platforms that allow businesses to design and build custom landing pages without a web developer. You can use these tools to create visually appealing and conversion-focused landing pages that provide a targeted and optimized space to capture leads, promote products or services, and drive conversions.



ClickFunnels is designed to help businesses automate sales processes. You can use ClickFunnels to build websites, opt-in and landing pages, webinars and other lead generation mechanisms. You can choose from a range of pre-made, editable designs. ClickFunnels comes with a range of marketing and lead generation tools, including web hosting, page builders, email autoresponders, and more.


  • Basic ($127 p/m): The Basic Plan includes one website, twenty funnels, three admin users, one domain, 10,000 contacts and unlimited courses, workflows, products and email sequences.


  • Pro ($157 p/m): The Pro plan includes one website, 100 funnels, five admin users, three domains, 25,000 contacts. Like the Basic plan, you will have access to unlimited courses, workflows, products and email sequences.


  • Funnel Hacker ($208 p/m): The Funnel Hacker plan comes with three websites, unlimited funnels, 15 admin users, nine domains, 200,000 contacts and advanced analytics.



Leadpages is a sales and lead generation tool that was created specifically for businesses that need to launch campaigns quickly, without involving design or coding resources. Thanks to a drag and drop website builder, anyone can create landing pages, websites, custom templates, and more.


  • Standard ($37 p/m): The Standard Plan includes a drag and drop builder, 10,000 monthly AI engine credits, AI headlines and images, conversion tools, access to 250+ conversion-optimized templates, unlimited traffic and leads, a custom domain and over 90 integrations.


  • Pro ($74 p/m): The Pro Plan comes with 30,000 monthly AI engine credits, AI headlines, writing assistant and images, three custom domains and all of the features you’ll find in the Standard Plan.


  • Advanced (upon request): The Advanced Plan comes with unlimited AI engine credits, 50 custom domains and advanced integrations, in addition to all of the features of the Pro Plan.



Instapage is a tool that marketers can use to build optimized, personalized landing pages for lead generation. There’s no need for coding, thanks to a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to create relevant ad-to-landing-page experiences. Instapage can support multiple audiences and different goals.


  • Build ($199 p/m): The Build Plan comes with a host of interesting features, including AI Content, a page builder, unlimited domains, server-side A/B testing, SSL encryption, and integration with Marketo, Hubspot and Salesforce, among others.


  • Convert (upon request): The Convert Plan comes with all of the features of the Build plan, as well as audit logs, bulk lead dashboard, page migration services, custom feature implementation, heatmaps, custom fonts and more.


Complete marketing and CRM tools

Complete marketing and lead management software or CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools are software platforms that integrate various marketing functionalities and customer data management. They are used for lead generation by enabling businesses to capture, track, and nurture leads throughout the sales funnel, allowing for personalized communication and targeted marketing efforts to convert prospects into customers.



HubSpot is a CRM platform that helps businesses attract, engage, and delight customers. It includes a number of lead generation generation tools and software products that includes marketing, sales, customer service, and CMS tools. HubSpot is used by businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.


  • Professional ($800 p/m): The Professional Plan has a number of automation and reporting features. It includes 2,000 marketing contacts, but additional contacts can be purchased for $225 per 5,000.


  • Enterprise ($3,600 p/m): The Enterprise Plan comes with advanced control and even greater flexibility. It includes 10,000 marketing contacts. Additional contacts can be purchased.



Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM (customer and customer relationship management tool) software that helps businesses track leads, manage sales pipelines, and close deals. It is a visual CRM that uses a Kanban-style interface to make it easy to see your sales pipeline at a glance. Pipedrive allows you to track leads from the moment they come in to your pipeline until they are closed. You can track their progress through the pipeline, see their engagement with your marketing materials, and add notes and tasks to their records.


  • Essential ($12.50 p/m): The Essential Plan comes with lead, deal, contact, calendar and pipeline management. Data can be imported easily and there are more than 400 integrations to extend the functionality of the tool.


  • Advanced ($24.90 p/m): The Advanced Plan comes with all of the features of the Essential Plan, along with full email syncing and templates, an automations builder and email sequences, and meeting, email and video call scheduling.


  • Professional ($49.90 p/m): The Professional Plan has all of the features of the Advanced Plan along with streamlined lead routing, account access controls for teams, document and contract management, e-signatures, and more.


  • Power ($59.90 p/m): The Power Plan has all of the features of the Professional Plan, along with project planning, phone support, CRM implementation and full control and visibility into permissions.


  • Enterprise ($74.90 p/m): The Enterprise Plan has all of the features of the Power Plan, as well as enhanced security preferences, unlimited reports and customizations and complete access to all features.



Marketo is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses attract, segment, and nurture customers from discovery to biggest fan. It is a SaaS platform that automates marketing tasks, such as lead generation, email marketing, and social media marketing.


  • Growth ($ upon request): Features include the core marketing email, segmentation, automation and measurement tools for lead generation, with up to 20,000 API calls per day.


  • Select ($ upon request): The Select Plan includes essential marketing automation and measurement tools, with up to 50,000 API calls per day.


  • Prime ($ upon request): The Prime Plan is a comprehensive lead- and account-based marketing tool with journey analytics and AI personalization.


  • Ultimate ($ upon request): The Ultimate Plan is the most powerful in the suite and comes with premium attribution features.


Sales process automation tools

Sales process automation tools are software applications that help businesses automate repetitive tasks involved in the sales process, such as lead generation, lead scoring, email marketing, and scheduling appointments. You can use sales process automation tools to increase the number of leads generated, or to assist sales teams with lead qualification, nurturing or appointments.



Zapier is a no-code automation tool that helps you connect your apps and automate workflows. It is a cloud-based platform that allows you to connect over 4,000 apps, including Google Sheets, Salesforce, Slack, and Trello. With Zapier, you can create automated workflows that trigger when something happens in one app, and then take action in another app, e.g. creating a Zap that automatically creates a new customer record in Salesforce when someone signs up for your email list.


  • Free: The Free plan is designed for individual users and includes single-step Zaps and the no-code editor.


  • Starter ($19.99 p/m): The Starter plan enables 750 tasks per month, multi-step Zaps, filters and formatting and versions.


  • Professional ($49 p/m): The Professional plan enables 2,000 tasks per month, and comes with everything in the Starter plan, as well as unlimited Premium Apps, autoreply, custom logic and more.


  • Team ($69 p/m): The Team plan was designed for team collaboration and automation. It comes with everything in the Professional plan, along with unlimited users, premier support, shared app connections and live chat support.


  • Company ($99 p/m): The Company plan comes with all of the features in the Team plan, along with advanced admin permissions, SAML and single sign on, and more.


Bottom line: Which lead generation tool is right for you and your business?

Finding the right lead generation tool for your business doesn’t have to be a chore. Start by considering your budget before you start shopping around. Then, decide what your specific lead generation goals are. Do you need a lead gen tool to help you generate more leads, qualify leads, or nurture leads? Who are you trying to reach with your lead gen efforts? What is the best way to reach them?


Once you know what your specific requirements are, you can start narrowing down your search. If you primarily require email address lookup capabilities and form collection, Snovio and Typeform could be a good fit. For efficient scheduling and email follow-ups, Calendly and Boomerang might be more suitable. If you are looking for a comprehensive email marketing, landing page creation, and CRM functionalities, beehiiv could be the right choice. For an all-in-one solution encompassing marketing, CRM, and sales automation, Hubspot might be the best option.


Whichever lead generation tool you choose, you can expect better results and even more revenue.


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