Pipedrive Review: The Sales CRM Designed For Salespeople by Salespeople

Lead management is a great way of scaling your business. It helps you not to miss important sales steps and have a clear picture of what works. Pipedrive helps improve your marketing and sales processes to grow your business.


In this Pipedrive review, we’ll break down every aspect of their product so you have a better understanding of whether or not it’s the right tool for you.


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What is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a web-based sales CRM software and an intelligent sales management tool for small businesses. According to its website, Pipedrive is designed for sales team members. And can help you do more to grow and scale your small business effectively.


Pipedrive’s CRM tool also helps improve your business sales through its visual sales pipeline, which simplifies customer relationship management by letting you do the following:


  • Track your leads
  • Measure key activities
  • Streamline sales workflows
  • Focus on sales success
  • Spot business opportunities


Pipedrive’s workflow automation increases productivity and eliminates repetitive, time-consuming tasks. The CRM platform also provides real-time reports that show your sales reps and managers what business processes to prioritize first.


How to Use Pipedrive

Before you can start using Pipedrive, sign up and create an account. Once you’re in, you can create your first Pipedrive deal. 


Here are steps to use the Pipedrive CRM platform to manage your sales pipeline better.


Step 1: Create a new deal

Open the deals menu and click the green “Deal” button.



Step 2: Fill in the information fields

Once you’ve created a new deal, input customer data in the relevant fields, including contact person, email address, organization, etc. 


You don’t have to fill in all the fields, but only those required for efficient management of your sales pipeline. And there’s no need to add a person or organization initially. Pipedrive will automatically take care of that and create a deal for them.


Step 3: Move the created deal

You’re at liberty to move your created deal to the next stage. You need to select those deals in your deal ticket, and that’s it.


Alternatively, you can drag your deal card stage along the sales pipeline (as seen below). But this is optional. You can always skip this step if possible.



Features of Pipedrive

Pipedrive’s CRM platform offers several features split into three categories.


Sales software features

  • Automation: Save precious time with task automation, AI-powered sales assistant, one-click contact data collection, etc.
  • CRM: To grow your business, improve your workflows, and increase sales productivity, choose the Pipedrive CRM platform. 
  • Customization: Customize sales pipelines to tailor processes to your business needs and keep your sales team on the right track.
  • Email and communications: Use intelligent features for business collaborations and to connect with your target audience.


Email marketing software features

  • Email builder: You can create stunning emails using templates and a simple drag-and-drop email builder.
  • Email analytics: Using this feature, you can discover which email campaigns drive the best results using real-time reporting.
  • Email segmentation: Segment your target audience and reach them using the right personalized message.
  • Email marketing automation: This feature helps you set up automated lead qualification flows and customer relationship nurturing sequences.


Marketplace integrations

  • Lead generation: Fill in your sales pipeline with new leads from events, social media, and websites with sales and marketing automation.
  • Phone solutions: You can find integrations to place incoming and outgoing calls to track and analyze calls, leads, and customers.
  • Task management: Find integrations to help your sales team keep track of individual tasks, projects, and goals.
  • Resource management: Backup and export your business and sales management data Or eliminate duplicates in your Pipedrive account.


Pros and Cons of Pipedrive

Pipedrive does an excellent job of growing and scaling your business. However, it also falls short in some areas. Here’s a quick (and detailed) list of Pipedrive’s pros and cons.


The Pros of Pipedrive

  • Boasts affordable paid plans
  • It comes with multiple customized sales pipelines that outline a simple sales flow.
  • All plans come with the AI-powered sales assistant, an intelligent notification system that sends you insights and advice to help streamline your sales process and win more deals. 
  • Workflow automation feature to help eliminate unnecessary manual work in your sales workflow and boost productivity.
  • Auto-fill contact info feature helps sort out your data.
  • It helps small businesses keep on top of their CRM process.


The Cons of Pipedrive

  • It isn’t easy to separate between lists of contacts and new leads.
  • Pipedrive doesn’t come with a free plan.
  • Most of Pipedrive’s pricing plans have limited custom fields and reports


How Much Does Pipedrive Cost? 

Pipedrive comes with four pricing plans:


  1. Essential plan. It starts at $11.90/month and lets you access 3,000 active deals, 30 custom fields, and 30 reports.
  2. Advanced plan. It starts at $24.90/month and lets you access 10,000 active deals, 100 custom fields, and 30 reports.
  3. Professional plan. It starts at $49.90/month and lets you access 100,000 active deals, 100 custom fields, and 30 reports.
  4. Enterprise plan. It starts at $74.90/month and lets you access all unlimited features.


You’ll need at least ten users to upgrade to the Enterprise plan. The best part? You’ll have access to every feature Pipedrive offers, including security features and security rules.


Another thing is that only the Enterprise plan receives comprehensive phone support. The rest of the plans get 24/7 email and live chat support. In addition, the onboarding team will help you set up Pipedrive for your business (just in case you’re stranded along the way).


Pipedrive Review: Final Recommendation

Without an effective CRM tool, your business won’t grow.


A sales-focused CRM solution helps your business sort, analyze, and prioritize your sales leads, allowing your sales team to provide accurate answers to potential customers. 


If your business is focused on streamlining and organizing sales pipelines, the Pipedrive CRM solution might suit your needs.


The Pipedrive CRM Platform helps you capture more leads, centralize your entire documentation process, and create and send customizable email campaigns. 


In other words, it’s designed to keep you selling.

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