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Does This Sound Like You?

😐 You’re constantly working on your pitch deck, but it doesn’t quite feel right. You’re relying on your intuition or advice from people that haven’t seen thousands of decks.


😣 You keep getting ghosted after investor meetings. You didn’t wow them, and they decided to shift their focus to other pitches that did.


πŸ˜₯ You’re running low on runway since you haven’t been able to raise. If you don’t close some investors soon, you go out of business.

You need a pitch deck roast.
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Your roast is private, personalized, and will be delivered within 48 hours.

Fixes, fast

Specific fixes to copy, slide design, and presentation flow based on what works.

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First impressions matter. Make a great first impression with a deck that impresses.

No-Risk Guarantee

If your investor close rate doesn't increase after 90 days, we will refund you.

How it works

Four simple steps to more investor money.
1. Book a roast

Click into any of the buttons on this page to lock in your roast. All we need is your deck and and an email address to send back our tweaks.

2. Wait 48 hours (usually less)

We know you have a million other things you need to get done. We pride ourselves on flipping things around fast.

3. Implement changes

We will make recommendations based on what we have seen work for other businesses.Β 

4. Close more $$$

If you don’t have a higher investor close rate within three months of your roast, we’ll comp you another roast for FREE.

How it works - Roast

I'm Clay πŸ‘‹

  • Middle of three brothers based in Austin and New York


  • Spent six years working in venture capital and have reviewed 5,000+ pitch decks from startups and venture funds


  • Started Confluence.VC and have grown it to 1,900+ members


  • Have helped founders and GPs raise millions in funding through deck tweaks and introductions


Roasts cost $1,000. There is no contract, no commitment, and no ongoing fees.Β 

You can’t put a price tag on a great first impression. All investors have a million other places they can invest their money. To win them over, your presentation has to be GREAT. I’ve seen thousands of pitches that work and thousands of others that don’t work. I share all of that knowledge into actionable takeaways that boost your odds of securing millions of dollars.

Yes. I will send you a private Loom video that you can watch in your browser or download. Nothing is shared without your explicit permission.Β 

Yes. If it doesn’t after 90 days, I will comp you another roast for free or give you your money back.