Email Review: 3 Steps, 5 Features, and 10 Pros and Cons on the Best AI Copywriting Tool

Artificial intelligence (AI) is taking over the world, and it will impact almost every industry imaginable — including the writing industry.


Jasper (formerly Jarvis AI) is an AI copywriting tool that could help you create original content for your website, social media, blog, and more. It’s arguably the most powerful piece of software we use, and it’s becoming more valuable by the day. 


In this review, we’ll break down what it is, what you can do with the software, our favorite features, and pros and cons.


Let’s get into it. review - Confluence.VC

Jasper AI software is the original brainchild of the CEO, Dave Rogenmoser. And it’s backed by the team that built Proof, a business that helped thousands of other companies turn visitors into potential buyers and sales.


The robust AI content platform is designed to help individuals and teams create blog posts and high-converting ad copy.


More specifically, with Jasper, you can:


  • Generate months of social media content
  • Write blog posts optimized for SEO and website copy that sells
  • Generate fresh and high-converting ads (such as Facebook ads)
  • Crank out personalized email messages for sales and marketing
  • Create fantastic art or unique images


The best part? It does all this within a matter of seconds.

How to Use

Jasper comes with a simple interface complete with easy-to-use features. So you won’t have to strain searching for tools to meet your content needs.


This Jasper review provides a three-step guide on creating high-converting content in minutes while using the now-popular AI-powered content writing tool.

Step 1: Pick a template

To get started, choose a template that matches the content you want to create. Jasper boasts dozens of content templates (referred to on the platform as skills).



Step 2: Fill in the product data

Once you choose a content improver template, the next step is to fill in the content template with specific data about your product or service.


Be specific as you can because the quality of your input data will determine the quality of output data by the AI content platform.


Let’s say you have a product you want to sell. You’ll need to create a product description. So, choose the “Product description” template and then enter the product name, give a detailed description about the product, and choose a “tone of voice” for your content.



Once you input template data, move on to step 3.


Step 3: Generate AI content

So you’ve picked a template you’d like to use and provided the necessary information you want Jasper to write about. Now it’s time to generate the AI content.



Just click the “Generate AI Content” button, and Jasper will generate content for you within seconds. It’s that simple. Jasper saves all your AI-generated content in your “History” tab, so you no longer have to worry about losing your content.

Features of

Jasper comes with several handy features:


  • 50+ content templates: The Jasper templates help you generate high-quality copy for over 50 use cases. The templates are trained on industry best practices and proven examples. They’re a great way to improve your content and spark fresh ideas quickly.


  • Boss Mode: Jasper Boss Mode feature helps you create long-form content like blog articles, social media posts, reports, emails, and stories. The best part? It creates original and better content that ranks higher on search engines.


  • Jasper Art: Forget stock images. With the Jasper Art feature, you can create unique art for ads, thumbnails, and illustrations within seconds. This feature is a great way to create a perfect feature that complements your message.


  • 25+ Languages: Jasper’s 25+ Languages feature helps you create blogs and social media posts in any language. Jasper uses natural language processing (NLP) to write high-converting creative copy in multiple languages.


  • Surfer SEO Integration: The Surfer SEO integration feature teaches you how to write content faster — content optimized for the best keywords to get you on the first page of Google.

Pros and Cons of Jasper AI

Overall, Jasper is an excellent investment for anyone looking to outsource their content. While the AI writing tool saves you time and money, it also falls short in some areas.


Here’s a list of Jasper’s core strengths and weaknesses.


The Pros of Jasper AI

  • The best AI writing tool. This is subjective of course, but we think that Jasper stands above the rest as the best and most featured AI writing tool for SEO-minded content creators.


  • Multiple proven content templates. Jasper boasts plenty of content templates to help you start your website writing.


  • Active Facebook community. Jasper’s Facebook community has more than 50,000 highly engaged members, all sharing tips on how to write excellent copy.


  • Flexible pricing plans. Jasper comes with flexible pricing plans suitable for any budget. So you won’t have to break the bank.


  • Create plagiarism-free content. Generate educational content or write blog articles that are plagiarism-free and keyword-rich.


  • Long-form assistant for blogging. Jasper lets you generate engaging title ideas and formulate the opening paragraph in your long-form blog posts.


  • Jasper Bootcamp academy for training. The academy helps you learn how to write high-quality content at incredible speed using Jasper.


The Cons of Jasper.AI

  • Jasper’s output sometimes isn’t factual. You have to fact-check your content for mistakes continually. Most of Jasper’s wording commands generated aren’t real or accurate, which can negatively impact your search engine rankings.


  • Jasper can’t do research. The innovative GPT-3 technology that runs Jasper has access to about 10% of the Internet. Never mind, its outdated knowledge base has never been updated since its launch.


  • The long-form assistant sometimes will keep repeating information. Many Jasper AI reviews intimate that this AI tool sometimes repeats content. As a solution, change your writing input because Jasper writes primarily off the inputs you feed it with.

HowMuch Does Jasper AI Cost?

All of Jasper’s pricing plans include Jasper AI Bootcamp and Jasper Community.


Starter plan. It starts at $29/month and gives you access to 20,000 words each month and up to 50+ short-form content templates. It’s suitable for hobbyists just getting started. 


Boss Mode plan. It starts at $59/month and gives you access to 50,000 words every month, along with access to the long-form assistant feature. It’s suitable for bloggers and content marketers.


Business plan. (Contact Jasper AI support for the price). However, the Business plan is suitable for company teams and businesses. 


Jasper also gives you access to a five-day free trial (with a no-risk money-back guarantee) to help you decide if the tool is an excellent fit for your business. pricing Final Recommendation

Let’s face it: writing content (from scratch) is challenging.


It’s even more difficult when you have zero knowledge, experience, or interest in it.


If you’re a content marketer looking to find blog post topic ideas, create a blog post outline, and overcome writer’s block, the Jasper AI tool might suit you.


Unlike other AI copywriting tools, Jasper will help you do the heavy lifting, such as writing a blog post intro paragraph or creating content for your landing pages.


There’s no better way to make content writing fun and rewarding.

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