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The world is now a global village, meaning that people are better linked now more than ever. Creative entrepreneurs have capitalized on the available resources to drive their ventures as online business owners. Offering online lessons and coaching services is one of ways to earn online.


However, having access to the internet and setting up a portfolio on social media may not be enough to make your teaching business a success. That’s where Teachable comes in—a platform with a course creation software to propel you to success.


What is Teachable?

Teachable (formally Fedora) is an online learning platform founded by Ankur Nagpal back in 2013. This platform aims to help creative entrepreneurs make a business out of their sharable knowledge. If you are in this category, you are in the right place.


According to information on its website, Teachable can help you create online courses and market coaching, online classes, online school, and several other online-based businesses you may wish to delve into. Their software gives you tools to create your own online school, own courses and coaching lessons, and provides you with a wide marketing channel for maximum exposure.


Since its inception, over $1 billion worth of courses have been sold by over 100,000 creators on Teachable. That says a lot about this platform. Teachable is the go-to place for any serious creative entrepreneur hoping to break into the market as an online course creator. Their software also allows you to create multiple courses and course pages.


As the founder himself says, “in the future, entrepreneurs will sell knowledge over products.”

Now is that future, and Teachable is helping with the change.


How to Use Teachable

To use Teachable, you start by signing up for a free account as a creator to access key teachable features and come up with your first online course. Once you’re on the dashboard, you can create your course and set up a Teachable-powered school on the platform. You can create more than one course and have unlimited students. Be sure to set your Teachable pricing as well. 



Next, you navigate around the site to familiarize yourself with the various aspects of the teachable platform. You’ll notice that a lot of the controls are accessible right from your dashboard. You can easily set up your school site using the “Create New School” option.



All you have to do is give your new school a name, enter some relevant details about the school, and that’s it. You’re now a school owner and can offer unlimited courses.



You can then launch your course and attract users from all over the world. 


Remember, a pricing plan is an important aspect of your business on the platform. Your users or clients need to know how much they’re going to spend on your course. Being transparent with your charges is a great way to win people’s trust and confidence.


Teachable payments pricing plan


Nobody likes a shady figure on the internet purporting to teach them something important for an undisclosed cost. Some new course creators attempt this trick and end up with a bad Teachable review.


The platform provides you with enough resources to create your school, courses, coaching sessions, and support for your billing purposes. So, you don’t have to stress over how you’re going to be paid for your services and shared knowledge


Features of Teachable

  • Customizable school sites: Everyone knows that the feel and the aesthetic look of an online class setting is a major factor in attracting students. Teachable allows you to change your school’s theme and customize it however you want. You even get several attractive templates to choose from—so you don’t have to start from scratch.


Teachable course templates



  • Optimized dashboard: You can access all your account-related information from your dashboard. Such details include your courses, sales, users, school, emails, and a link to your account settings. No need to navigate back and forth on the platform trying to dig up some important detail lost in the chaos of disorganized settings. Some platforms will take you through that ordeal. Teachable won’t.


  • Third party integrations: You can integrate your Teachable account with other third-party platforms like Zapier and Webhooks. This puts you in a position to take advantage of the vast online market supported by these platforms.


Teachable integrations


  • Automated Email management: Teachable facilitates email automation with Zapier and MailChimp. With MailChimp, you can send, receive, and manage your emails easily. With Zapier, users can easily unsubscribe from your mail lists if they wish to. You don’t want to force people to do stuff. That’s bad for business and reputation. 


  • Monetization: Teachable allows you to monetize your content more effectively by linking you up with a vast customer base worldwide. It also eases your pain in processing payments by having a functional billing feature. 


flowchart for teachable school payment gateway


Pros and Cons of Teachable

Teachable presents itself as a platform for any creative entrepreneur to run a booming business. That’s not to say that it doesn’t have its pros and cons. 


The Pros

  • User-friendly interface: The user interface is easy to navigate right from the dashboard. You can easily access any part of the website without getting lost in the middle. The elegance of the platform’s landing page says it all.


  • Ease of learning: Learning how to use the platform is easy and fast for any interested online course creators. No complex wordings or need for extreme savviness to understand the platform.


  • Ease of customization: You can customize your school and build courses that reflect your personality. Teachable allows you the luxury to let the world know you through your own theme selection.


  • The community: You can keep in touch with other like-minded creators on the platform. This allows for sharing of ideas and stimulating conversations that spur growth of the creator community.


  • Integration: The platform’s ability to integrate with payment systems as well as other third-party services like MailChimp and Zapier supports the growth of creative entrepreneurship on the platform.


The Cons

  • Some aspects require a longer learning curve: To use advanced features like webhooks and APIs, you might need to spend a while longer learning management system.


  • Competition: Teachable is a popular platform, and numerous creators are signing up and offering their courses. This is creating a competitive environment that might knock the lower-cadre creators out of business. 


How Much Does Teachable Cost?


Teachable offers you various options to choose from. First, there’s the FREE plan, then there are the BASIC, PRO, and BUSINESS plans, respectively.


BASIC is the cheapest of the payable options, while BUSINESS is the top-dollar option with the most business-oriented functionality. 


The four subscription tiers are FREE ($0), BASIC ($29), PRO ($99), and BUSINESS ($249). These figures are for yearly subscriptions. 



Final Recommendation

If you happen to be a creative content creator with a need for a proper platform to earn from your knowledge, Teachable is the go-to place. You can start with the free option to try it out and learn before going for the paid plans.


Teachable is a great platform to grow and expand your customer or student base and turn your sharable knowledge into a successful business or coaching service. It’s a great way to earn smart passive income from running an online business selling online courses.