Gusto Review: Our Full Breakdown on Our Favorite Payroll Tool Plus 9 Tools to Level Up Your HR Team

Managing a team of employees is a daunting task. Things like payroll, bonuses, insurance policies and execution take time and effort. Any mishaps and mistakes in these tasks can cause you loss, or you might end up saddening your employee. 


Gusto is a human resource platform that helps businesses automate payroll, allowance, bonuses, absence tracking and training, and many more tasks. 


Gusto helps employers save several hours by streamlining processes to increase productivity and work management. If you’re looking for Gusto payroll reviews, this is for you.


This review will cover:


  • What is Gusto, and how does it work?
  • What are the key features of Gusto & pricing? 
  • Who should use Gusto?


Let’s get started. 

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What Is Gusto?

Gusto is an advanced online human resource tool. It helps businesses in employee management, onboarding new employees, payroll management, administration of health benefits, and engaging employees from one dashboard. 


With Gusto, all these complicated and time-consuming tasks of payroll taxes become easy, manageable, and straightforward. It has expert HR professionals to assist you in purchasing health insurance for employees, 401(k), life insurance, and other benefits.  


How Does Gusto Work?

Gusto is handy for managing taxes, payroll, time off calculations, and other benefits. You need to add details about your company and employees, and Gusto will help you determine the best benefits to offer your employees. 


You can also determine the tax policies as Gusto payroll processing helps you comply with state and federal laws. In this regard, here is what Gusto help you do:


  • It makes it easy to file federal, state, and local taxes. 
  • Gusto enables you to handle new hire paperwork to keep your business compliant with government regulations.
  • Repay deferred taxes from previous years and make the most of credits and refunds. 


You need to create an account with Gusto and add your business details. It will ask you to provide:


  • Important company documents, including employee handbook, non-disclosure agreement, Form I-9, tax withholding (Form W-4), direct deposit authorization, Form W-9 or taxpayer identification, and many more. Based on the provided details, Gusto will suggest & recommend additional important documents to help you keep things aligned from day one. 
  • Add payroll details such as hire date, hourly rate, and pay frequency, and decide on time off requests your employees can make, such as paid sick leave, vacation, and other benefits. 
  • Invite your employees, team members, and accountant to work with you on Gusto. 


Once things are set, you can put everything on autopilot to save time and focus on other important things.


When a pay period ends, you can automatically run payroll and get your employees’ paychecks. Your employees will be notified via email about their paystubs and other important details.


Key Features of Gusto

Gusto has a number of features that make the product more valuable than other payroll providers. Here are some of the best features Gusto offers to businesses.



Payroll is not just about tracking hours worked and calculation & distribution of employee pay. However, many payroll management tools come with limited features and options. 


Gusto payroll feature is designed considering the needs of the modern market. You can add employees with fixed salaries and hourly rates, determine their paychecks based on hours worked, and add time offs. 


Once everything is done, you need to review the details, such as how much your employees are getting and how much is deducted from your bank. The whole process automatically files your payroll taxes. 


Furthermore, you can set things on autopilot to save hours and weeks to work on other important stuff. 


Employee Benefits

Your employees need to know that they are important to you and your business — offering employee benefits is the perfect way to express that you care about your employees’ well-being and future. 


In 2022, a lack of career development and advancement was the top reason people quit their jobs. However, most businesses struggle with the benefits they should cover for their employees. 


Gusto has a huge list of benefits you can offer to your employees. You can decide between no-cost, low-cost, and premium packages. 


Depending on the employee’s position and business, you can decide on the best offer. The list includes:


  • Gusto Wallet App: It lets your employees manage their paychecks, save money, access emergency cash, and more. 
  • Health insurance administration: Decide the best health insurance plan for your employees from more than 9000 plans, 30+ carriers, and licensed advisors.
  • Commuter benefits: You can offer a specific amount to your employees as a commuter benefit. 


And many more. 


The list is divided into two options: financial and health benefits. Based on your business’s capacity, you can select plans for your employees and contractors from each and create a helpful package for your employees. 


HR Experts

Decisions on HR and employee management can be difficult—especially for a growing business where each decision determines your business’ future. 


Gusto has a team of certified HR experts and tools for this. It gives you law alters and HR guides to help you make better decisions, avoid fines, and stay compliant. 


In case of any confusion or query, you can get quick answers and resources from a dedicated team to help you thrive. You just need to call or send an email, and you will get an instant answer from certified HR pros.  


Time and Attendance

Payroll depends on hours worked, time off, holidays, and workforce costs. Gusto’s automated time tools enable you to easily manage your task force’s hours, time off requests, holidays, their cost details such as fixed salary or hourly rate and integrate it with payroll to save you a ton of time. 


Your team can track time right in the Gusto from a computer or mobile app. You can also designate office sites and locations where your employees can track time. 


Once you have reviewed and approved, the tracked time will be added to the payroll. With that, you can assign hours to projects, generate employee cost reports, and paid time off. 


Hiring & Onboarding

In addition to payroll management, Gusto comes with features to help you hire and onboard new employees. It has everything you need to grow your fast-growing business. 


You can create public job posts and personalized offer letters, create and follow custom onboarding checklists for new hires, set up tools, and get started. You won’t have to spend hours and think about the tax and compliance policies. 


Gusto will take care of everything from scratch as per your pre-set terms and policies. Moreover, you can integrate other hiring and management apps you use. 


Talent Management 

Getting the right talent onboard for the right project at the right cost is as important as keeping them wanting to stay. Gusto has everything you need to manage and engage your top performers at work.


It has an automatic workflow to keep the process swift and engaging for your team. With tools like self-evaluations, manager reviews, HR resource centers, and career development resources, you can access unprecedented insights into where your employees are excelling and where they need extra support and help to grow. 


Besides this, you can integrate custom performance software in Gusto to help you develop and retain your team.  


Insights & Reporting

Gusto gives you access to insightful data to help you have a better look at how things are going in your company or business. This data helps you have a look at your business in a unique way and let you see the bigger picture. 


You can engage with your team and give them a voice with thoughtful surveys, custom reports, and smart recommendations. Gusto automates repetitive tasks like compiling reports and identifying tax credits which saves you more time and money. 


Worker’s Compensation

Unpredictability is a common thing in life. However, a backup plan gives a sense of security for life ahead. Gusto lets you offer workers compensation to let them know that if anything happens on the job, such as an injury or illness, they are protected. 


Gusto has partnered up with NEXT Insurance. They offer quick, easy, and affordable plans for workers’ compensation. 


You’d need to apply online and answer a few simple questions to set your policy and sync it to payroll, and all set. 



Gusto offers an extensive stack of features to help you and your business grow. But if you have been using any other tool before, you don’t have to miss your precious data. 


Gusto lets you integrate all of your favorite apps into it. It makes data management easy and convenient. The most popular integrations available in Gusto include:


  • ApplicantPro
  • Ardius
  • Asana
  • Ashby
  • AttendanceBot
  • Autobooks
  • Betterment at work
  • Bonusly


And many more apps for performance management, rewards and recognition, legal and compliance, business operations, and many more. 


Gusto Pricing

Gusto offers fair pricing for all its features. Here are the details of each plan. 


  • Simple: This plan is designed for small teams and comes with limited features for just $40 per month. If you want to add people, you will be required to pay $6 per month. 
  • Plus: This plan is designed for teams that need comprehensive solutions to payroll, benefits, and HR tools for building a great place to work. It costs $60 per month.
  • Premium: This plan is designed for large teams needing advanced features, benefits, expert HR solutions, and dedicated Gusto customer service to help solve complex issues. 


Besides these, there’s also a contract-only plan designed for teams who work with contractors only. This plan comes at a discounted base price of $0 per month for six months. To determine the best solution for you, you can consult with customer support for help.  


Gusto Payroll Software Review Summary 

Managing teams, payrolls, and compliance issues is tricky. You need to prepare and manage many things, such as employee details, cost, pay frequency, bank account details, and many more. 


Gusto is a perfect online payroll service solution for everything related to HR, payroll services, and employee management. It comes with advanced features plus automation to save you many hours. If you are a small business owner, you can save hours with an automated payroll feature, acquire new talent with hiring and onboarding tools, and expand your team with benefits administration.


From managing payrolls to resolving complaint issues and taxes, Gusto helps you take care of everything you need to grow your business. 

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