Seven keys to building a winning email marketing strategy

Email is the best way to communicate to your customers.

You own the audience, you control the content, and you can use this channel to build brand equity that compounds each week.

Here are a few things we’ve done to build a winning email marketing strategy for ourselves.

  • Segment your audience. Not all followers are created equal. Segment your audience based on engagement / demographics so that you know where to focus your efforts. Pareto’s principle applies to most aspects of life, and followers are no different.
  • Stick to a schedule. The best way to build momentum is to stick to a schedule when posting. The accountability system will force you to prioritize.
  • Experiment with the right time to post. Not everybody is online at the same time. The more you segment your audience, the better you can estimate when you can reach them. Most of our audience is on the East coast in NYC, so we send weekly emails on Thursday between 8-9am EST.
  • Don’t be afraid to delete low-quality followers. A non-engaged follower does you no good; don’t be afraid to clean your list every quarter. Number of followers is a vanity metric. Open and CTR are the most valuable metrics you should prioritize.
  • Engineer social proof. Referrals are your strongest form of marketing. Bring on quality guests from quality firms that people have heard of, then ask them to share with others. Collect referrals somewhere on your website (ours is here, but we also like, and use that social proof to create more signups.
  • Using Figma to create visuals that stop people from endlessly scrolling. When sharing on major platforms, people subconsciously ignore content with URLs included in the message. It becomes too obvious that you are marketing something, and our brains have been wired to avoid. Replace with a visual, and you will have a better chance of making people stop and check you out.

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