Run a paid community through MemberSpace

As you begin building your membership business, you’ll find that you start to attract a community of engaged and excited people, all interested in what you have to offer. It’s only natural that as your audience grows, they’ll want to interact with you (and each other) more. A paid community is the perfect opportunity to […]

Community strategy: finding your why

A good community mission statement answers four questions. Why do members gather? What is your mission as the community builder? What are your core values? What problems do you solve together. Your mission will evolve as you do, but all communities get started because they have a mission in mind. You should get started by […]

Community strategy: curating value

More information doesn’t equal more value. Millions of pieces of digital content are being pushed out every day through Twitter, YouTube, newsletters, blogs, TikTok, or any other medium. We’re only as smart as the knowledge we consume, and this abundance of content has made it harder for us to consume the right knowledge. People are […]

Community strategy: creating a place to gather

Your magnet should create demand. Your community should fulfill that demand. Communities are only valuable if they create a place of value exchange for people. This value exchange can come through meeting new people, asking and answering questions, or sharing what they’re working on. It is your job as the community builder to create a […]

Community strategy: defining your audience

Don’t overthink this. Your intended audience are the people you are building for. These are the people that will find value for the solution you’ve built. They struggle with the same problems that you have, and they are more likely to say “yes” to you. You can segment based on industry, role or title, demographics, […]

How to Find Your Target Audience

$37 billion is wasted every year from ads that fail to engage the target audience. You don’t want to be part of this statistic, so what do you do? The correct answer is segmenting your audience, but there is a lot to unpack there. What are some types of audience segments? Audiences can be segmented […]

Leverage Communities to Find Your First 100 Customers

Ideas for you to find customers without spending on ads As people spend more time in front of a computer, there becomes a bigger opportunity to find your ideal customers behind a screen rather than in-person. In every industry, there are a handful of places where people hang out online. Meet them there, provide something […]

Validating Community Demand

Questions to ask yourself before you start building Not all communities need to exist. Use the following questions to test whether or not this is something the market is missing. Are my peers struggling with the same issue that I am solving for? Leverage LinkedIn, Twitter, and your existing network to find your target audience. […]

Hacking Community Organic Growth

How to convert your early adopters into community ambassadors Organic growth is the holy grail for any community. When starting out, your first goal is to get your first members to say “yes”. Your second goal is to convert those same members into ambassadors to spread the word on your behalf. Pleasing your early adopters […]

Three keys to a better onboarding experience

First impressions matter. Good onboarding experiences result in users taking the actions steps you want in order for the community to stay relevant and engaging. Bad onboarding experiences result in users abandoning and never coming back. Here are three things that a great onboarding experience should do. Make new users feel welcome. Provide immediate value, […]