Three keys to a better onboarding experience

First impressions matter.

Good onboarding experiences result in users taking the actions steps you want in order for the community to stay relevant and engaging.

Bad onboarding experiences result in users abandoning and never coming back.

Here are three things that a great onboarding experience should do.

Make new users feel welcome.

Provide immediate value, invite them to intro themselves to the rest of the group, reach out personally, and make them feel heard.

In the image to the left, ActiveCampaign does this by asking detailed questions about what the end user wants to achieve using their software.

Walk through how to get the most out of your community.

Starting something new can be overwhelming. Make sure that it is easy for new users to get the most value out of the different things that your product provides.

In the image to the right, Notion does this by providing every new user with a detailed document on how to get started. They also provide a list of different templates that new users can plug and play into their Notion account.

Make it easy for members to return to your community in the future.

You don’t want members to login once and never return. Encourage bookmarking so that it is easier for members to come back.

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