Community strategy: curating value

More information doesnโ€™t equal more value.

Millions of pieces of digital content are being pushed out every day through Twitter, YouTube, newsletters, blogs, TikTok, or any other medium. We’re only as smart as the knowledge we consume, and this abundance of content has made it harder for us to consume the right knowledge.

People are overwhelmed with options, and they want to defer research to somebody else. People buy things from people, and they want to consume from those that they trust.

This is where you should be seeing opportunity.

If you can curate, you can create value. If you can create value, you can create trust. If you can create trust, you can build a community around that.

The way that we did this was by separating out each aspect of the role of a junior venture capitalist, and creating a resource library with helpful links for each part of the role.

Whether it was a library of due diligence questions, software recommendations, background reading, an investment memo template, or something else, if it was something applicable to the role of a junior VC, it was included in that library. Once the library was built, it became a piece of value that we could exchange for something.

Step one is to identify where you can be valuable. Step two is creating something to address step one.

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