Best events for family offices to attend

Hi, is anyone aware of any tech and vc events that family offices should be going to?
  • Ryan Piela: If you invest in emerging managers, this is a good conference: ( Also, currently raising a fund, if you’re open to chatting?
  • Jonathan Abrams: The RAISE conf is a great event, and yet I’ve found that many of the registered LPs are not really actively investing in new funds, and all of them tend to get inundated with outreach from fund managers as attendees.
  • David Teten: I have a database of all the FO-focused conferences /events/associations. What’s your goal in attending these events?
  • Lucas Fernandez: The family is looking to gain awareness, deal flow, build relationships with fund managers, they are looking to make more LP investments, co invest, directly invest etc. They want to build the top of the funnel with high signal opportunities.
  • David Teten: Here are many dozens of FO conferences. The highest quality ones are the ones that gate the most, e.g. Glad to talk directly with them if helpful.
  • Andrew Fisher: @Lucas Fernandez check this directory with a great summary of conferences:

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