Advice on Fund II decks

Hey all, Iโ€™m looking for advice on Fund II decks
  • David Teten:
  • Maddy Crema: hey guys! I would say you’re right on more data – now that you have a track record you should share the latest performance metrics for your portfolio (TVPI, DPI, IRR). it’s helpful to also share detail on portfolio construction (# of investments, at what stages, avg check size at each stage, sector concentration, etc.), and maybe do a couple case studies on your top performing companies or companies you are particularly excited about – can share how you sourced it, $ invested (at each round if relevant), entry valuation, current FMV, co-investors, and a little bit about the company and your investment thesis/why you’re excited about it. your previous fund might still be pretty early and hasn’t had much time to mature, so there is still emphasis on the story. if your previous fund is fairly recent, then you’re highlighting the early traction you’re getting, but until the fund matures, you and your strategy are still more or less unproven (you don’t have a 6โ€“10-year-old fund that’s a 5x+ that you can point to). but in addition to sharing your strategy / thesis, you can now share some early proof points of where you see it working. Also, I’m happy to chat more about this offline!

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