Seattle’s 15 Best Venture Capital Firms in 2022

Seattle is one of the leading environments for early stage companies in the world.

The Emerald City is home to some of the hottest unicorns like Outreach, Highspot, Rec Room, Convoy and many others.

Every city has markets it’s known for, and Seattle is no different. Some of the main areas of focus for Seattle-based VCs include communication, software, and healthcare.

Here are 15 of the top VC funds based in Seattle as of 2022.


  1. Madrona Venture Group
  2. Voyager Capital
  3. Amazon’s Alexa Fund
  4. Washington Research Foundation
  5. SeaPoint Ventures
  6. Tola Capital
  7. Providence Ventures
  8. Biomatics Capital Partners
  9. Staenberg Venture Partners
  10. Integra Ventures
  11. Unlock Venture Partners
  12. Second Avenue Partners
  13. Pacific Horizon Ventures
  14. Echo Health Ventures
  15. Ackerly Partners
  1. Madrona Venture Group

    Madrona Venture Group invests in seed and early acceleration in-stage technology entrepreneurs and companies.

    Details on the fund:

  2. Voyager Capital

    Voyager Capital is a venture firm providing entrepreneurs with the resources, experience, and connection to build successful tech companies.

    Details on the fund:

  3. Amazon’s Alexa Fund

    Amazon’s Alexa is a venture capital fund investing in artificial intelligence, frontier tech, voice, robotics, and digital health.

    Details on the fund:

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  5. Washington Research Foundation

    Washington Research Foundation supports groundbreaking technology in the life sciences, physical sciences and information sciences.

    Details on the fund:

  6. SeaPoint Ventures

    SeaPoint Ventures is a venture capital firm investing in communications companies in the wireless, broadband and network transactional infrastructure sectors.

    Details on the fund:

  7. Tola Capital

    Tola Capital is a venture capital firm that invests globally in enterprise software companies across multiple stages.

    Details on the fund:

  8. Providence Ventures

    Providence Ventures generally targets mid- to late-stage venture investments across Healthcare IT, MedTech, and tech-enabled services.

    Details on the fund:

  9. Biomatics Capital Partners

    Biomatics Capital Partners is a Seattle-based healthcare and life sciences venture firm.

    Details on the fund:

  10. Staenberg Venture Partners

    Staenberg Venture Partners is a Seattle-based venture capital firm focused on the technology industry.

    Details on the fund:

  11. Integra Ventures

    Integra Ventures seek investments in Life Science companies in three principal areas: Drug Development, Medical Devices, and Healthcare Services.

    Details on the fund:

  12. Unlock Venture Partners

    Unlock Venture Partners is a venture capital firm that invests in seed-stage tech entrepreneurs.

    Details on the fund:

  13. Second Avenue Partners

    Second Avenue Partners provide management, strategy and capital for early stage companies.

    Details on the fund:

  14. Pacific Horizon Ventures

    Pacific Horizon Ventures is a Seattle-based venture capital firm, with national presence, focused on the life science and healthcare industries.

    Details on the fund:

  15. Echo Health Ventures

    Echo Health Ventures is a venture capital firm that focuses on investing in health care companies.

    Details on the fund:

  16. Ackerly Partners

    Ackerley Partners is a privately held investment company founded in June, 2002 with a focus on media and entertainment investment opportunities.

    Details on the fund:

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