San Francisco’s 15 Best Venture Capital Firms in 2022

When you think of startup cities, you think of San Francisco. Some people will argue whether or not SF is dead, but the Bay Area will always remain a hotbed for innovation and capital.

It would be impossible for us to name all of the success stories that have come out of SF. The city has built some of the most notable companies of the past 50 years. Stripe, Instacart, Databricks, Chime and Miro are just a few of the newer names that have added themselves to that list.

Here are 15 of the top VC funds based in San Francisco.


  1. 500 Global
  2. Index Ventures
  3. First Round
  4. Benchmark
  5. Menlo Ventures
  6. Matrix Partners
  7. Founders Fund
  8. Uncork Capital
  9. Crosslink Capital
  10. DCVC
  11. Spark Capital
  12. Alta Partners
  13. Initialized Capital
  14. Headline
  15. Maveron
  1. 500 Global

    500 Global is a global venture capital firm with a network of startup programs for founders, mentors, and investors.

    Details on the fund:

  2. Index Ventures

    Index Ventures is a venture capital firm that helps the entrepreneurs turn bold ideas into global businesses.

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  3. First Round

    First Round is a venture capital firm that specializes in providing seed-stage funding to technology companies.

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  5. Benchmark

    Benchmark focuses on early-stage venture investing in mobile, marketplaces, social, infrastructure, and enterprise software.

    Details on the fund:

  6. Menlo Ventures

    Menlo Ventures provides capital for multi-stage consumer, enterprise and life sciences technology companies.

    Details on the fund:

  7. Matrix Partners

    Matrix Partners is a venture capital firm that focuses on seed and early-stage investments.

    Details on the fund:

  8. Founders Fund

    Founders Fund is a venture capital firm investing in companies building revolutionary technologies.

    Details on the fund:

  9. Uncork Capital

    Uncork Capital is a seed-stage venture capital firm that focuses on SaaS, consumer, marketplaces, hardware, and new technology startups.

    Details on the fund:

  10. Crosslink Capital

    Crosslink Capital partners with founders that are market disrupters and category creators, typically at the Seed-Series A stage.

    Details on the fund:

  11. DCVC

    DCVC backs entrepreneurs using Deep Tech to solve problems and multiply the benefits of capitalism for everyone while reducing its cost.

    Details on the fund:

  12. Spark Capital

    Spark Capital is a venture capital firm that invests in the consumer, commerce, fintech, software, frontier, and media sectors.

    Details on the fund:

  13. Alta Partners

    Alta Partners is a venture capital firm investing in the healthcare and life sciences sector.

    Details on the fund:

  14. Initialized Capital

    Initialized Capital is an early-stage VC firm focused on helping software engineers and designers with their first seed checks.

    Details on the fund:

  15. Headline

    Headline is a global venture capital firm investing in winning teams across stages and geographies.

    Details on the fund:

  16. Maveron

    Maveron is a consumer-only venture capital firm that empower consumers to live on their terms.

    Details on the fund:

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