We’ve been associates before, and we built Confluence.VC as a solution to the problems we faced when we were in this role.


Here’s a preview of how we can help you level up and move up above the junior VC title.



We built the VC operating playbook. 


This includes: 


  • 84 questions to ask founders
  • 77 tools that make up the VC tech stack
  • 26 financial templates and models
  • Investment memo template
  • 132 media accounts to follow
  • Hundreds of other resources


We usually charge for this type of information, but Confluence.VC Members get it for free.



The best investors don’t operate on an island.


If you’re serious about building a name for yourself in VC, you need to find others that are on the same path. 


Our private Slack group helps analysts build relationships, learn, and create opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t exist. 


VCs from the top funds in the world are inside, and over 35,000 messages have already been exchanged.



The byproduct of being a part of an elite community is the network you create from your membership.


The best investors in the world are already inside. If you want to meet with them, this is your easiest path to doing that.


Check out some other associates that are already members.


Jobs + Talent

If you’re looking for another venture job, we have a job board and talent collective.


If you’re looking to hire investors with venture experience, we have the best collection of venture talent in the world, and we also run a recruiting service.


Venture Service Discounts

We run service businesses to help funds get more leverage.


  • Recruiting: To help funds build better investment teams without sacrificing months trying to find the right people
  • Venture Micro-Consulting: To help with sourcing, memo creation, and research
  • Community Building: To help funds build and better engage their community


All Confluence members get discounts on any of these services.