Venture Capital Micro-Consulting

You need more help. Hiring is expensive.


What do you do?


We help venture capital funds get more work done without hiring full-time team members.ย 


Confluence.VC consulting services

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We are selective with who we work with. Take two minutes to let us know where you need help so we can make sure that we can deliver on it.

Our Services


Handling your top-of-funnel so you see more of the top deals

Memo Creation

High quality investment memos highlighting the things that matter for the deals that matter


Helping you get up-to-speed on new markets, existing industries, and places to monitor

About Us

Confluence.VC is building the operating playbook for venture capital investors.


All Confluence members go through an application process, and they all come with investment experience at top venture, growth, and private equity funds.


People pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to employ these types of people. This lets you work with them for a fraction of that price.

Why Choose Us

Our consultants help fund managers save time, increase their output, and operate more efficiently.


We work primarily with fund managers that struggle with the issues below.


Client Testimonials

"Working with contracted investors has allowed me to scale the way I want to. I haven't had to do any training or onboarding; they come with experience and have added immediate value to me and the fund."
Anonymous Fund Manager
"I couldn't operate without these contracted investors. They've handled sourcing, research, and writing memos so I can focus on fundraising and getting to our first close."
Anonymous Emerging GP

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