Finding a legal firm with deep construction experience

Alice: There may be a bunch of other things to consider when it comes to finding a lawyer for construction — what market vertical, size of projects, types of contractors, what products are in the marketplace, what scopes of work does it impact, etc. One lawyer that comes to mind that may make sense is […]

Finding a buyer in the M&A process

Clay Norris: MicroAcquire might be a fit ( David Teten: Brian Yoon: if they aren’t on amazon perhaps rolling on to Thrasio might be a play as well Clay Norris: Tiny Capital might also be worth checking out

EA service provider recommendations

Clay Norris: I use Fiverr to bang out a bunch of manual tasks (can sometimes be a language barrier, so plan your projects accordingly). I also know that Vitalize just announced a database of 600+ people looking for contract gigs within VC

Web designers / developer recommendations

Cassandra Carothers: team is awesome David Teten: I list some vendors at Roni Hirand: Mike Viney from Deckworks is v good!

Best software for tracking deals

Vlad Cazacu: I am actually very curious to hear people’s thoughts on this one. Used Affinity, Totem, Airtable and Google Sheets across 3 different teams and decided to build one myself since none of them satisfied all the requirements. David Teten: Maybe helpful: Designing a CRM and Marketing Tech Platform for a New Private Equity/Venture […]

Service providers for running background checks

Clay Norris: I’ve used Chekr every time I’ve had to do this Ashish Aggarwal: Thanks for sharing, Clay. yeah, I know about them. I meant more for running background checks on founders of startups – more of a one-time usecase. Clay Norris: In the past, I’ve typically just asked the founders to send over references, […]

People / groups that can clean up cap table messes

Mike Preuss: I have a bunch but what kind of mess? Trey Carver: I know a good organization that works as fractional CFO for startups – Book + Street. Happy to intro if it makes sense Victor Pascucci: – Gee has done amazing work with early-stage companies

Startup tax and accounting firm recommendations

Sarah Holmes: Taylor Schaude: Burkland is great, as well as EarlyGrowth ( Let me know if you’d like an intro to either or Anant Akash: Know folks at Nathaniel Harding: Hogan Taylor is great in central US

Outsourced IT Firm Recommendations

David Teten: One of our Venture Partners runs , which provides consulting on vendor selection. I’m also informally advising , a leading consultancy specializing in implementing tech solutions for alternative investments funds. Please advise if you’d like an intro to either. email