Jake Barry & Kai Han (Co-Founders @ Pallet) on building recruiting marketplaces

  • The growth of online communities has resulted in a growth of engaged professionals.
  • Job boards unlock ways to monetize on social capital created online.
  • Community leaders have done 85% of the work in becoming recruiters.
  • There are negative effects for candidates within massive platforms. Signal is lost as audience grows.
  • β€œWe’re not trying to build one platform with a million users. We’re trying to build a million smaller platforms with a hundred users.”
  • Community intangibles determine community value.
  • The most powerful communities of the next decade will be those that allow their members to earn income through their membership.
  • The internet was built to connect people, but it’s done a poor job of letting people be directly compensated for the value they provide. Expect this to change over the next five years as people start to become rewarded.