How to build community around your publication

Writing for an audience is about more than publishing posts; it’s about bringing people together over a shared topic or perspective on the world. Community-building often gets us excited to jump into the what, how, where, and when of organizing. Publish a post! Start a Slack group! Host a conference! But these tactics are more effective when you first […]

Set up your website with Squarespace

Your website is your online homebase: you might have countless social profiles, portfolio pages, and more than one account on different online marketplaces, but your website is the place where you can tie it all together, provide context for your work, and build direct, authentic connections with your audience. Whether you’re creating your first passion […]

How we improved email open rates with better headlines

Getting people to consistently open your emails is a daunting task. Email marketers and newsletter writers evaluate themselves primarily on two metrics: open rate and click-through rate. Open rate is a proxy for how well you capture attention; click-through rate is a proxy for how well you turn that attention into action. The average email […]