Yohei Nakajima (General Partner @ Untapped Capital) on no-code opportunities

  • If you want to increase your opportunity, build a network.
  • Leverage your network to help the founders after writing a check. Don’t become dependent on your network to bring founders to you.
  • “We’re not impact investors, but we are impact-minded”. Think about the holistic reason why a business exists and then work backwards to determine whether or not it is something you should invest in.
  • Smart people spend a lot of money and time around securing allocation.
  • 99% of founders struggle with distribution. It is your job as a VC to help with this.
  • Being thoughtful signals levels of interest.
  • As you scale a fund, GPs spend less time doing grunt work. When you are starting out, sourcing deals as the fund manager indicates that you are willing to sacrifice your time in order to meet with a given company.
  • When looking at coding languages, it has always been simplifying X so that developers can spend more time doing Y. No-code is an extension of this, and this allows developers to spend more time solving the more complex problems.
  • “When you speed up time to development, you open up the doors of possibilities.” No-code allows for new ideas from new people that otherwise wouldn’t see the light of day.
  • “Look for markets with tailwinds.” When investing before there is data, your diligence is 90% focused on the team + the market. When you invest in overlooked founders, you now spend more time focusing on the future of the markets they operate in.
  • “Do I want to introduce this founder to everybody I know?” If this answer is no, you probably shouldn’t invest.
  • Assume happiness. Many people default to “okay”. This is the wrong mindset.
  • It’s easy to lose track of perspective. If something is not going to matter in five years, it is not something you should lose sleep over.

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