Victor Pascucci (Managing Partner @ Energy Capital Ventures) on powering the clean energy revolution

  • If you want to get in venture, you can. It might not be exactly what you want, but you can work your way in.
  • Most jobs can be split up as creating versus destroying. Creating allows for positive-sum games; destroying does not.
  • In early-stage investing, you need to take a chance early on founders before they take a chance on you.
  • Not every community or business will have fully electric-powered options.
  • Your career is a tree with different branches. The deeper you go, the more branches should appear.
  • The utility industry today is where financial services was 15 years ago. It is a regulated industry with risk-averse cultures, customer service challenges, aging infrastructure, people questioning their business model, and new technologies that are going to either enable or disrupt them.
  • There are no shortage of successful generalists. Specialists get the advantage of spending all of their time, resources, and network towards a specific problem.
  • Every business speaks the same language regardless of industry. Having seen mistakes in one industry and bringing that to different industries gives you an advantage over others that just stay in the same seat for decades.
  • No infrastructure is older than the utilities sector.