Nicole (Williams) Ruiz (Investor @ Compound) on narrative-driven investing

  • Sharing your work can change your life. Nicole started out by forming her opinions on Twitter and that resulted in a job offer at Compound.
  • CS degrees provide you with status; bootcamps enforce skills that actually get you a job.
  • Investing in deep tech relies on reading a lot of whitepapers. Because of this, narrative building is incredibly important for deeptech founders.
  • Having a naive approach is better than having no background knowledge. Acknowledging your blindspots shows vulnerability, but showing up unprepared shows arrogance.
  • You’re always competing with big tech for talent. Being able to tell your story effectively is your biggest differentiator when competing for this talent.
  • Pre-PMF hinges on narrative. Post-PMF capital is a commodity.
  • On the firm side narrative helps you decide what you’re going to double down on. On the company side, narrative helps you decipher milestones and turn them into inflection points.
  • Data-informed health care can use information to make healthcare data more accessible.
  • How education will overlap with computers is the billion dollar question within digital education.