How to use programmatic SEO to reach 200k monthly unique site visitors with Nico Cerdeira (Founder @ Failory)

Guest: Nico Cerdeira (@nicocerdeira)
Company: Failory
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina 
Background:Β FailoryΒ is a content side for founders, and Nico has led their team for the past five years. Their team has mastered their marketing, and their site brings in hundreds of thousands of unique visitors per month. They use programmatic SEO to make this happen, and we cover more of the details in this talk.

Key takeaways:

  • If you’re ignoring search trends, your business has no shot. You have to win attention in today’s world. Search trends tell you where attention lives today.
  • Programmatic SEO is about building thousands of pages to capture long tail search demand. You do this by keeping the structure of the page consistent and mapping information to that structure.
  • You can learn a TON by observing people and companies that have won at programmatic SEONomad ListZapier, and Failory are three companies to study.
  • Increasing prices is the best way to grow top line. This can be uncomfortable if you’re starting out. 
  • Sponsorships < affiliate programs < subscriptions. All business owners prefer recurring dollars over transactional dollars. If you warrant sponsorship, use it to earn recurring revenue down the road. 
  • Lack of PMF is the biggest reason startups fail. If you want to save yourself time, money, and heartache, check this out.
  • You want ruthless feedback instead of passive compliments. The best way to pre-sale is to justify demand first.