Nic Talreja (Co-Founder & CEO @ Sydecar) on the future of SPVs

  • Starting a fund is slow and painful with a ton of questions.
  • The next generation of VCs will be community driven and will look to avoid cumbersome processes.
  • โ€œThere are no standards in venture capitalโ€. If you look at different SPV service providers, youโ€™ll find 100 different forms of documentation.
  • VC today is the same as the fundraising process before YC (super burdensome and filled with paperwork that distracts from the main goal).
  • How do you build trust from people today? Trust requires good judgement and good judgement comes from conviction and knowledge in specific areas.
  • Community is a cheat code.
  • Building in public is distracting for a lot of companies.
  • Hiring can be made easier just by talking to more people. Increase your surface area to increase your odds of success.