Kristofer Martin (Principal @ Will Ventures) on what makes former athletes worth betting on

  • Not enough investors think through a reserves strategy.
  • Power law curves dominate venture, but in order for power laws to kick in, you have to have a large piece in your winners.
  • Sales and trading is on the opposite of the spectrum compared to venture.
  • Taking skillsets from different fields gives you an edge. The ability to think differently than the pack is what leads to outsized returns in venture.
  • You can add value through differentiated networks, subject-matter expertise, and capital.
  • Figure out your value add angle, then spend all of your time making this a moat for your fund.
  • Partnerships allow funds to cover more ground with less resources. Find places you can collaborate instead of compete.
  • Former athletes are worth betting on because of their ability to be coachable, handle adversity, overcome steep learning curve, and solve complex problems.