Betting on opportunities in proptech with Matt Knight (Founder @ Proptech Angel Group)

  • Angel groups are a great source of inside information. If you’re looking to get answers to questions you can’t find on Twitter, try an angel group.
  • Angel groups are slow because members notoriously don’t have free time. Many of these people are running their own companies, so chasing down capital is the biggest con to running an angel group.
  • You have much more flexibility running an angel group than a traditional fund. This is the two-sided coin of having less structure.
  • You can learn things academically, but you don’t really understand things until you get anecdotal evidence. To better understand academic concepts, practice them in real life.
  • Any community is going to follow a Pareto’s principle. 20% of members will produce 80% of the value. Find those people, and reward them to keep them engaged.
  • When you’re in an up-cycle, everybody wants things that are growing to expand revenue. During a down-cycle, people start focusing more on cost-cutters and other things that can streamline operations to reduce overhead.
  • People are renting for longer periods of time for a few different reasons. Some are priced out as home prices have increased, but others are choosing to avoid homeownership because it is more convenient for them to rent.