Andrew Gazdecki (CEO @ MicroAcquire) on replacing traditional gatekeepers

  • Most founders have no idea how to get acquired, and options are limited. In an M&A event, the balance of power favors buyers since they have often been through the process before.
  • Build products that you would use yourself before you push it to any customer.
  • Investment banks will take months to close your M&A process and will also take a massive fee. This is the default option for most, but sellers should understand these risks before relying on banks to close transactions.
  • More interactions are shifting online, and marketplaces are competing for trust more than attention. MicroAcquire is capitalizing on this while also improving transparency on both sides of its marketplace.
  • There’s a different phase of startup building that is less covered. Established media primarily focuses only on larger rounds and venture-backed businesses. This doesn’t cover 99% of startups.
  • Louder voices do not mean more accurate voices. Choose your information sources wisely, or else you will be pitched a distorted view of reality.
  • The old gatekeepers prospered by keeping access to a select few. The new gatekeepers will prosper by allowing access to a wider audience.