Why we use Sprig for microsurveys

We’re obsessed with getting feedback, and when we first started trying to gather feedback, we found that existing solutions weren’t cutting it.

That’s why we switched to Spring, and we’re glad we made the switch when we did. Below are just a few reasons we like their product:

Get the user insights you need, when you need them

  • Deliver your research studies via web, mobile, email, or shareable links
  • Set up a quick integrations to trigger surveys based on user attributes or events
  • Receive a 30% higher response rate than traditional surveys

Deliver microsurveys wherever it’s most relevant for your users

  • While traditional surveys are delayed and lack context, with Sprig you can survey users directly within your web and mobile experiences or via email and link.

Precise targeting and results like you’ve never seen before

Send microsurveys to specific users at specific points in time, resulting in hyper-relevant feedback, 30% higher response rates, and more confidence in your data.

Save time with automatic analysis on open-text responses

Uncover insights in real-time with the help of Sprig’s automated analysis which combines AI and human oversight to deliver accurate, actionable themes to open-text responses.

Conduct research quickly and compliantly with templates

Create custom, approved templates to align your team to research best practices. Or get started quickly with one of Sprig’s 75+ research templates across a variety of use cases.

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