Ad Spend Calculator

Should you pay for traffic? Itโ€™s a question every business owner eventually faces. Spending on ads is a risk, and beginners usually start with no idea of whether or not that gamble will pay off. We built this ad spend calculator so that business owners can understand what type of ROI they should be expecting […]

CAC Calculator

SaaS Metrics: 15 Metrics Every Founder Should Track

How much do you spend to bring in a new customer? CAC calculates how effectively companies can bring in new business. A high CAC means that you have to spend more to acquire a customer, and low CAC means that you are able to reallocate resources to other parts of your business. We built this […]

CAC Recovery Calculator

How sustainable is your customer acquisition strategy? CAC recovery shows you how quickly you are able to recoup the investment made to acquire a new customer. It is measured in months, and itโ€™s a metric that shows how effective your customer acquisition, retention, and operating margins are working together. We built this calculator so that […]

LTV Calculator

How much can you expect customers to pay you? LTV (lifetime value) calculates how loyal your customers are to your business. A high lifetime value signals low churn and high loyalty, and a low LTV signals the opposite. We built this calculator so that SaaS founders can quickly calculate their LTV to understand how loyal […]