Syndicates Masterclass: Syndicate Strategies

Examples of different syndicates/syndication strategies

Ian Ippolito, Founder and Manager of the Private Investor Club.  Ian performed an evaluation of all of the real estate crowdfunding platforms and released his report.  A large number of individuals really like his report and Ian started having a following which turned into an investment club.  This club evaluates deals, many of them are real estate transactions. Ian uses SPVs to pool club members that want to invest in the deals that they vet and approve.

Sky Fernandez, Founder & General Partner at Venture University.  Venture University trains the next generation of venture capitalists through a traditional accelerator model where cohorts receive education and hands-on experience and where participants evaluate and perform due diligence on hundreds of startups and select the best. Venture University uses an SPV structure to allow accredited investors to invest in the companies selected by its cohorts.

Landon Ainge, Managing Director of Assure Syndicates. Assure Syndicates helps founders get a term sheet from a reputable VC and when that happens, Assure Syndicates jump in with its own SPV to invest alongside that VC. Assure Syndicates helps founders with introductions, Assure Syndicates help VC’s with deal flow, and Assure Syndicates helps investors be able to invest in startups that are backed by reputable VC firms. See the color Black (#traditionalVCFund, is many times the right color).