Summer Reading 2022: The best startup / investor content we read over the past three months

Here are the best things we’ve read over the summer. 

Hopefully something in here makes you see the world more clearly.

Best things we read:

🧠 10 lessons from a decade of vertical software investing

➡️ Takeaways from roasting 200 landing pages

👨‍💻 2022 state of independent SaaS

📈 ConvertKit shares all of their SaaS metrics publicly

💲 11 strategies to level up your pricing

📶 Growth tools, predictions, and opportunities

🎯 Great SaaS landing pages

🧠 Deep dive on first principles thinking

📶 Breaking down USV’s success

📈 How to think through growth hacking

👀 The ultimate collection of marketing secrets

👉 43 life lessons

📋 How founders can improve their relationship with VCs

🧠 15 business resources that will teach you more than any class

💰 Tool for businesses to see an estimate of their real-time valuation

📶 Tiny Seed’s investment thesis

🤔 The future of Web3 use cases

🖌 2022 State of the Creator Economy

🏁 3,163 case studies on how to start a business

📩 50 email marketing hacks to level up your content

🧹 Deep dive on curation-as-a-service

🔟 10 ideas to make you think

🕸 Hub-and-spoke network effects

🔥 The state of the SPV market

💰 Real-time valuation data from AngelList

👉 Why being “realistic” is irrational

🔥 How to structure a SaaS purchase

💲 22 truths about making money and tax avoidance

🔥 50 brutally honest takeaways about my time in venture capital

All the mistakes we’ve made running an internet business