Companies outside the US that want to start a business may find the entire company formation process daunting…unless they use Firstbase.


Firstbase was designed to simplify the company formation process. Backed by a global customer support team and glowing consumer reviewsFirstbase is the only platform that really makes it easy to get your international business started and stay compliant.


Get started with Firstbase


What is Firstbase? 

Firstbase is an all-in-one company operating system designed to help founders around the world start their businesses. Firstbase offers startup services to founders from more than 120 countries. Investors include the founders of several prominent companies, including Carta and Wise. They offer everything you need to do business in the United States, from reliable inbox delivery to a registered business bank account and business address to fast tax setup and legal services.


There are many similar companies, but very few can boast the delivery expertise and level of customer engagement that Firstbase can.


How to Use Firstbase

Considering how complex it can be to start a business in the US, Firstbase really does make things easy. All you need to do is tap on the “get started” button ad, and you are well on the way to receiving your C Corp documents.


Setting up a company is quick and easy. You need to select the type of entity formed (e.g., LLC or corporation), the state where you would like to be based, the company details (including the name, industry, and objectives), and the personal information of the founder

Firstbase will start processing all of the necessary company formation documents to get started. The entire process will take about fifteen days, but if you are a US citizen, it can be as short as two days.


There are four components to Firstbase:


Firstbase Start

Any company can form a US-based limited liability company or C-corporation registered in Wyoming/Delaware. Note that WA state compliance registration will be required, but Firstbase will take care of everything in terms of preparing and filing your paperwork.


You can view all of your essential post-incorporation documents in the Firstbase dashboard, which reduces the confusion and expense of legal consultations and self-service filing.


Firstbase is authorized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to offer expedited EIN services to their users, which can save weeks of processing time.


Firstbase Mailroom

If you need a mail forwarding service, don’t go through the United states postal service…go through Firstbase Mailroom. This virtual mailbox service is perfect for businesses that want a physical address in the US without the overheads. You can receive mail and packages and view them directly from your Firstbase dashboard – Firstbase will scan the documents or forward them to you for an additional fee.


This service only costs $35 per month.


Firstbase Agent

Most states require a registered US government contracting consultant to provide and manage formation documents. Firstbase Agent will take care of processing and receiving legal documents on your behalf. You can also track reports and filings in your dashboard with ease. You can also use the Firstbase agent for payroll tax registration, business licenses, insurance, and more.


 Firstbase Loop

Firstbase Loopoperates like an application hub for businesses to sign up for services that they may need to run their business, including applying for a US bank account, payment processing, or payroll applications. They work with a number of exclusive partners like Stripe, Brex, and Jeeves to meet your needs and give you access to great rewards and discounts.


Features of Firstbase

Firstbase is packed with features that make it easier to set up and conduct business in the United States, including:


  • Administration: Firstbase handles everything from annual filing to company registration, so you don’t have to lift a finger to comply.
  • All-in-one: Firstbase takes care of all of the compliance requirements and forms you need to submit.
  • Customer service: There is 24/7 support, so you can easily raise a customer service ticket and find the help you need if you get stuck.
  • Great value: You can take care of the entire formation process for just $399 and access a registered agent for just $99 per year, which is great value for money.

Pros and Cons of Firstbase

Firstbase is great for companies that want to establish a footprint in the United States, but there are a few cons to consider as well. Here are some of the pros and cons you’ll need to keep in mind:


Pros of Firstbase

  • Easy access to starting your business in the United States
  • A safe dashboard and convenient dashboard provides insights into your filing process at any time
  • A full year’s use of a registered agent
  • Credits and incentives for a number of services
  • A dedicated US business bank account
  • Legal and tax consultations and advice
  • Pricing transparency
  • Great support
  • US EIN and address


Cons of Firstbase

  • Incorporation is only possible in two states
  • Only one plan to choose from
  • Auxiliary services like annual report notifications aren’t included


How Much Does Firstbase Cost? 

Firstbase only has one price plan, but they are pretty generous.


Firstbase start includes your EIN setup, expedited company formation, state filing fees, business bank account, unique address, and $200,000 in rewards and exclusive deals for just $499 (once-off). Firstbase Mailroom (their mail forwarding service) costs $35 but comes with unlimited scans and unlimited incoming mail. Firstbase Agent registered agent services are charged at $99 per annum.


All three services have received positive reviews and are highly regarded.


Final Recommendation

Firstbase provides everything that international businesses and online stores need to register in the US. There are many other websites and other platforms that offer free LLC filing or similar services, but few will be as thorough or affordable as Firstbase in meeting your business needs. We have yet to come across a poor customer service response or bad reviews for the company, and everything about the service is designed to be simple.


If you need to launch and grow a US-based company, Firstbase has everything you need from formation through to registered agents and virtual mailboxes, and physical mail forwarding. Plans are reasonable, customer service is excellent, and you can literally get the entire process started within five minutes.


While additional pricing tiers and incorporation options would be a bonus, Firstbase does exactly what it says it will do without hidden fees or caveats.