Thoughts on using Tracxn for sourcing

Hi all! Anyone use Tracxn for outbound deal sourcing? I've got an intern looking at it and would love advice from someone who's already doing it.
  • Clay Norris: Looked at it in the past and leveraged a free trial but ultimately opted out of using it because of the price. Thought it was generally helpful for market research and sourcing while I had access
  • Jak Lewis: Had similar findings myself. Market mapping/ understanding activity within a space seems very easy in here
  • Clay Norris: Thought it made more sense for larger funds with the budget for it. Tough to swing for first time funds / emerging managers
  • Adele English: We use it at March Capital. I like it for market mapping / competitive landscapes but the company details are better on Pitchbook
  • Julia Kahky: Went through the demo and thought it was too pricey when our company already had Pitchbook and Crunchbase subscriptions. Agree with @Adele English that the market mapping is better than Pitchbook

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