Conducting due diligence on a startup

Kevin Monserrt: We have a standardized process, founders filling out forms and we are digitizing the whole process. David Teten: Have you found a good tool to record dialog with the company? E.g., I ask a question, they answer, I have a follow-up, etc. Ideally with time & date stamp on each Kevin Monserrt: We’ve […]

VC employee performance evaluation

Julianne Roseman: some thoughts: numbers / priorities change based on seniority Sourcing (number of calls / meetings with startups) investments memos completed investments completed portfolio check-in calls Thought Leadership (articles, speaking at events, etc.) building VC relationships

KPIs to evaluate junior VCs

Jack Abramowitz: I have this idea that tracking conversion in your funnel (from due dili to IC to TS negotiation to check written) is important because as you become a better investor you will be able to filter out companies at the top of the funnel and waste less time at the bottom of the […]

Investing into SPVs as a fund

Taylor Schaude: Yes, but I believe you need to make an amendment to the LPA that specifically calls this out. Did this years ago so a little fuzzy on the details Jared Schwitzke: Thanks Taylor! I heard a response in another forum that the SPV investors count against the fund’s LP base as well. All […]