Securely sharing video content

Clay Norris: You should check out Loom. We’ve started using it for everything Amr Alshihabi: seems like they have a 4mb limit Clay Norris: Paid plans are worth the $10/month price tag Jonathan Abrams: Ashish Aggarwal: Vimeo is one of the best options. Most of the individual creators use Vimeo for sharing high-quality videos […]

Worthwhile professional development programs

Miki Reynolds: I really enjoyed Coa’s Emotionally Fit Leadership for Female Leaders program. Scott Armanini: Scott Armanini:

Helping companies finding SOC 2 compliance help

Mike Leffer: Vanta and Secureframe are two venturebacked cos that help with this Clay Norris: How often are you asked to help with SOC 2 issues? Or do your startups usually have this figured out before you start working with them Mike Leffer: 50/50 we get asked

Portfolio onboarding advice

Erica Amatori: We do it pretty manually – presentation / formal meeting – think that is still the best way in order to really capture needs from the beginning. Plus, if you have a good internal platform where all resources are kept, that makes it easier Halle Kaplan-Allen: made some recommendations here! Erica Amatori: @Will […]

Purpose of creating an access fund

David Teten: I think you’re talking about overlays? see Sam Stein: David, that’s a great article. Learned something new – thanks for sharing. But I don’t think it’s an overlay fund because it is not a fund investing in the portfolio companies at later stages of fund III, rather it says fund III access […]

Software to organize referrals

Taylor Schaude: We use PartnerStack which is a little clunky — it’s okay. If you’re trying to spin up something quickly and don’t need all the bells and whistles, I’d explore: Clay Norris: I’ve looked into GrowSurf too but thought it still seemed pretty manual. Might just have to realize that rewarding attribution typically […]

Startup graduation rates

Liam Quinn:[…]0it%20seems%20clear Kenn So:

Handling SAFE notes during a bridge round

Clay Norris: Those should convert if the bridge is an equity round since that is a qualified financing event. It won’t convert if the bridge is another convertible round (seems like there’s some discretion on whether or not to mark those investments up, but we haven’t at previous funds I’ve worked at unless it’s a […]

Distributing public shares back to LPs

Halle Kaplan-Allen: try btig Omar Sebai: We had the bank handling the IPO transfer pro-rated shares to each LP directly. That way after the lock-up period they chose whether to sell or hold Martin Tobias: When I took my two companies public the bank underwriter did it for the vc

Improving VC CRM

David Teten: One of our Venture Partners runs , which provides consulting on vendor selection. I’m also informally advising , a leading consultancy specializing in implementing tech solutions for alternative investments funds. Please advise if you’d like an intro to either. Will Bricker: Pipedrive + airtable + zapier is cheaper and better than […]