Building an investment thesis

Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Join the community to ask and answer questions Clay Norris: This section of the resource library has a few good examples: Read More

Securely sharing video content

Clay Norris: You should check out Loom. We’ve started using it for everything Amr Alshihabi: seems like they have a 4mb limit Clay Norris: Paid plans are worth the $10/month price tag Jonathan Abrams: Ashish Aggarwal: Vimeo is one of the best options. Most of the individual creators use Vimeo for sharing high-quality videos […]

Good resources for financial models and pitch decks

Miki Reynolds: is a Techstars alum that has taught several workshops on financial modeling. Their CEO has a wealth of templates and tools to share also. if you want to reach out David Teten: ; and

Worthwhile professional development programs

Miki Reynolds: I really enjoyed Coa’s Emotionally Fit Leadership for Female Leaders program. Scott Armanini: Scott Armanini:

Portfolio construction templates

Clay Norris: I’ve been interested in this too but haven’t found exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve found the links below to be pretty helpful:

Insurance carrier recommendations for <$30mm funds

Clay Norris: Don’t really have a dog in the fight, but it looks Embroker might be one worth checking out. Looks like the ones with a budget to spend on ads are: Thimble Biberk Hartford Embroker Mike Preuss: I think Vouch is also insuring emerging managers and funds now. I have a contact of their […]

Helping portfolio companies evaluate debt options

Brian Yoon: Hey Ben, Brian here previously used to work in debt restructuring now at Hum. You need to first create a robust business plan and understand ur liquidity. Starting there, you can see if a term loan or something like a revolving line of credit would work based on your unlevered free cash flows. […]

VC salary data in the UK

Clay Norris: Maybe not perfect, but I’d check out the comp survey we ran last year

Best software for tracking deals

Vlad Cazacu: I am actually very curious to hear people’s thoughts on this one. Used Affinity, Totem, Airtable and Google Sheets across 3 different teams and decided to build one myself since none of them satisfied all the requirements. David Teten: Maybe helpful: Designing a CRM and Marketing Tech Platform for a New Private Equity/Venture […]