Helping portfolio companies evaluate debt options

Brian Yoon: Hey Ben, Brian here previously used to work in debt restructuring now at Hum. You need to first create a robust business plan and understand ur liquidity. Starting there, you can see if a term loan or something like a revolving line of credit would work based on your unlevered free cash flows. […]

Loan facilities for funds

David Teten: Capchase/Pipe Clay Norris: I’ve mostly heard Pipe as well ( Trey Buck: +1 on CapChase Charlie Graham-Brown: thanks all. FYI: CapChase aren’t offering this pipe offer “upfront access to 50-75% of future management fees over 8-16 quarters (2-4 years)” you just need a US or UK account

Advice on Fund II decks

David Teten: Maddy Crema: hey guys! I would say you’re right on more data – now that you have a track record you should share the latest performance metrics for your portfolio (TVPI, DPI, IRR). it’s helpful to also share detail on portfolio construction (# of investments, at what stages, avg check size at […]

Sending investor updates to LPs in different funds

Olivia Goldstein: We separate out our updates to LPs by Fund. Gyan Kapur: We also separate out but then have a general update with thoughts on the market (which we may get rid of—haven’t 100% decided.) David Teten: easiest to send out a general update (which allows you to brag about the good stuff firm-wide, […]