List of LP questions

Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Email Join the community to ask and answer questions Clay Norris:Β This articleΒ has a bunch of good questions and resources in the footnotes.Would love to build a list of questions to expand on thisΒ @De’Havia StewartΒ if you or anybody else wants to help add to it Β  David Teten: Β  Β  Β  Read […]

Helping portfolio companies evaluate debt options

Brian Yoon: Hey Ben, Brian here previously used to work in debt restructuring now at Hum. You need to first create a robust business plan and understand ur liquidity. Starting there, you can see if a term loan or something like a revolving line of credit would work based on your unlevered free cash flows. […]

Adding family offices to your LP pipeline

David Teten: Clay Norris: Unfortunately, these people move pretty slow, and it will take multiple months of meetings before any next steps are made. In terms of getting in the door, I’d suggest asking your existing LPs to broker intros for you.

Loan facilities for funds

David Teten: Capchase/Pipe Clay Norris: I’ve mostly heard Pipe as well ( Trey Buck: +1 on CapChase Charlie Graham-Brown: thanks all. FYI: CapChase aren’t offering this pipe offer β€œupfront access to 50-75% of future management fees over 8-16 quarters (2-4 years)” you just need a US or UK account

Advice on Fund II decks

David Teten: Maddy Crema: hey guys! I would say you’re right on more data – now that you have a track record you should share the latest performance metrics for your portfolio (TVPI, DPI, IRR). it’s helpful to also share detail on portfolio construction (# of investments, at what stages, avg check size at […]

Sending investor updates to LPs in different funds

Olivia Goldstein: We separate out our updates to LPs by Fund. Gyan Kapur: We also separate out but then have a general update with thoughts on the market (which we may get rid ofβ€”haven’t 100% decided.) David Teten: easiest to send out a general update (which allows you to brag about the good stuff firm-wide, […]

Purpose of creating an access fund

David Teten: I think you’re talking about overlays? see Sam Stein: David, that’s a great article. Learned something new – thanks for sharing. But I don’t think it’s an overlay fund because it is not a fund investing in the portfolio companies at later stages of fund III, rather it says fund III access […]