Insurance carrier recommendations for <$30mm funds

Clay Norris: Don’t really have a dog in the fight, but it looks Embroker might be one worth checking out. Looks like the ones with a budget to spend on ads are: Thimble Biberk Hartford Embroker Mike Preuss: I think Vouch is also insuring emerging managers and funds now. I have a contact of their […]

Partnering with CVCs to support portfolio companies

Ginger Rothrock: Andrea – happy to comment (as a CVC and former founder that dealt w CVCs). Its HIGHLY CVC-specific. Some CVCs (like ours) are set up to be more like a pure VC in terms of structure and function, others are strategic only and need alignment with a business unit. I’d suggest this Techcrunch […]

Structuring deals to share carry

Jonathan Abrams: + Clay Norris: I’d say the same – splitting through AngelList has been very easy

Splitting carry

Jonathan Abrams: or Clay Norris: I’d say the same – splitting through AngelList has been very easy Kevin Monserrat: depending on what you are investing in, I could talk to you how we are doing this with other VCs. In short, we are tokenizing funds so that it’s more accurate, less risky, and […]

Investing into SPVs as a fund

Taylor Schaude: Yes, but I believe you need to make an amendment to the LPA that specifically calls this out. Did this years ago so a little fuzzy on the details Jared Schwitzke: Thanks Taylor! I heard a response in another forum that the SPV investors count against the fund’s LP base as well. All […]

Models for drop-off in VC funnels

Keyona Meeks: I haven’t seen “drop-off” used in that context before, could you provide some more clarity on what resource you’re looking for? Jonathan Azoff: Well, I have a basic understanding that at the top of the funnel (deck review) you have the most amount of volume, and each deck or deal gets the smallest […]

Handling SAFE notes during a bridge round

Clay Norris: Those should convert if the bridge is an equity round since that is a qualified financing event. It won’t convert if the bridge is another convertible round (seems like there’s some discretion on whether or not to mark those investments up, but we haven’t at previous funds I’ve worked at unless it’s a […]

Distributing public shares back to LPs

Halle Kaplan-Allen: try btig Omar Sebai: We had the bank handling the IPO transfer pro-rated shares to each LP directly. That way after the lock-up period they chose whether to sell or hold Martin Tobias: When I took my two companies public the bank underwriter did it for the vc