Conducting due diligence on a startup

Kevin Monserrt: We have a standardized process, founders filling out forms and we are digitizing the whole process. David Teten: Have you found a good tool to record dialog with the company? E.g., I ask a question, they answer, I have a follow-up, etc. Ideally with time & date stamp on each Kevin Monserrt: We’ve […]

Thoughts on reducing space between fundraises

Scott Armanini: what’s their explanation? Lem Lin: Agree with @Scott Armanini. I’d understand it if the convertible notes would convert as a B-2 (to explicitly reflect the discounted price they would convert at) and the new capital would be treated as B-1 (or vice-versa), and they’re collectively the Series B. If instead, it’s a valuation […]

Best platforms for expert calls

Clay Norris: I’ve used AlphaSights before Mike Preuss: GLG Research is another Lem Lim: AlphaSights and GLG are the two I hear the most about; I would say that GLG isn’t appropriate if you don’t anticipate making a lot of calls. Rates typically vary between $1000-$1500 per hour, depending on the packages. David Teten: My […]