Portfolio onboarding advice

Has anyone found a platform for streamlining the portfolio company on boarding process? We’ve start to use process street and my feelings are mixed
  • Erica Amatori: We do it pretty manually – presentation / formal meeting – think that is still the best way in order to really capture needs from the beginning. Plus, if you have a good internal platform where all resources are kept, that makes it easier
  • Halle Kaplan-Allen: made some recommendations here!
  • Erica Amatori: @Will Bricker Curious to hear why your feelings are mixed on process street / your experience with it so far!
  • Will Bricker: I think it’s clunky to use for processes that depend on people without accounts (like new portcos), it only handles one file, and I think there was a 3rd thing that was bothering me
  • Austin Ju: We use Process St for some of our internal processes and my feelings are mixed too…it’s a bit clunky, testing and iterating the processes with logic is still buggy too

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