Best platforms for expert calls

Can anyone recommend websites for expert calls? E.g. "I want to quiz an expert on the use of x or y" where you can pay for 30mins of someone's time?
  • Clay Norris: I’ve used AlphaSights before
  • Mike Preuss: GLG Research is another
  • Lem Lim: AlphaSights and GLG are the two I hear the most about; I would say that GLG isn’t appropriate if you don’t anticipate making a lot of calls. Rates typically vary between $1000-$1500 per hour, depending on the packages.
  • David Teten: My first portfolio company, Xperiti , is an expert network designed from the ground up to use modern technology. They launched in June 2020 and have grown ARR to >$600K. The median client has a $25K annual subscription, including such firms as Nomura. Xperiti leverages web-scraping, NLP, and conversational AI to offer high-quality experts with quicker turnaround time and a better user experience. Xperiti transcribes, analyzes, and manages thousands of calls facilitated on the platform. We view them as the next generation of GLG, which just filed for an IPO. The three Israeli co-founders all have a strong technical background. They’ve raised $2m to date primarily from Israeli angels/investors, and are now raising a $5m round. Deck is at
  • Liam Quinn:

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